A Summery of the CMPA 2015 Annual Report

By on September 30, 2015

GAVIN MOREIRA, CMPA Member Services Manager, provides a summary of the CMPA Annual Report.

Chairperson’s Report – Garry Cranny
Over the last year the CMPA has continued to represent and service the needs of Members by providing advice, advocacy in the domain of industry-regulator relationships, business networking opportunities, as well as in the provision of materials to assist with industry best practice training, and occupational health and safety.

In so doing, the CMPA, your Association, has simultaneously sought to improve the performance and image of the Extractive Industries to a range of stakeholders in Victoria.

The CMPA continues to regularly meet with Ministers from the State Government and their opposition Shadows. The CMPA has and will continue its policy of being non-partisan and taking an even-handed approach to consultation with Minister’s, Shadow Minister’s and politicians more generally. This policy has held us in good stead with both major political parties especially during the most recent, November 2014 change of Victorian State Government.

The main regulatory reform focus of Earth Resources Regulation (ERR), within DEDJTR has been the development of an electronic Risk-based Work Plan (about which the CMPA continues to request evidence of a reduction in costs and time). The electronic Risk-based Work Plan is available for use now and will become mandatory from 1 January 2016, despite our deep-seated reservations about its purported benefits.

The lengthy body of work undertaken to date on Rehabilitation Bonds has unfortunately, been put on hold until the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry is completed.

The sustainability and security of Victoria’s extractive resources is also being investigated by DEDJTR in collaboration with the industry. Work Authority holders will have received notification of this joint taskforce along with a (voluntary) request to respond to a resources supply and demand survey.

During the previous year, DEDJTR also introduced a user-pay system of Annual Fees for cost recovery within the ERR area. The CMPA successfully lobbied for the $12 Million ERR investment in development of their RRAMS 1 database, a program which was never fully implemented, to be excluded from this Annual Fees recovery initiative.

Industry networking is also an important aspect of the work of the CMPA. Several safety workshops and training days were organised during the year which were attended by a total of 106 people. Industry operators, equipment suppliers and regulators met together at these workshops to address the issues of Traffic Management, Plant Guarding in Quarries and Working Safely with Geo Technical Risk in Quarries.

The CMPA Secretariat continues to tirelessly represent Members’ interests to State and Federal Government on a broad range of industry related issues, including:

• National Environment Protection Measure –  Ambient Air Quality;

• Aboriginal Heritage Amendment Bill – Exposure Draft;

• Noise State Environment Protection Policy Review –  Discussion Paper;

• Federal review of Industry Training Packages; and

• Towards A National Clean Air Agreement – Discussion Paper

Submissions made by the CMPA are a credit to our small, but  extremely efficient Secretariat and the association’s consultant advisors, who compile very professional reports that are so well regarded amongst the raft of government policy areas and the  departmental regulators.

Associate Chairperson’s Report – Tej Panesar
The year has been full of challenges for the Associate Members  with reduced activity for goods and services to be supplied to the Industry as a whole and our Members in general. Despite this, the enhanced communication with the Voting Members and their quarry operational teams has led to a belief there is reduced leakage of business outside of the Associates group.

The support from Voting Members to the Associate Members, acknowledgement as a “Preferred Supplier” is expanding and has kept the Associate Members confidence high despite reduced business activity.

The withdrawal of major infrastructure projects has had an adverse effect on the business activities of the Associate Members. This time has been used by the Associate Members to establish relations with a broader spectrum of the Voting Members with quality time in readiness of the good times which must eventually come.

Associate Members will now benefit from a very good, interactive CMPA website with worthwhile links and search facilities on the web. These benefits include company details and web links on the CMPA website as well as advertising opportunities. The Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual (distributed to all Members) is being more frequently referred to by quarry operations management to choose the preferred supplier.

I received very good support and input from the Associate Members who attended many meetings despite not being on the Associates Committee. This was very heartening. The Associates Committee has also done well to keep persevering with ideas to improve interaction and business with the Voting Members. We continue to progress in the right direction and the Associates group has once again shown confidence in electing  me to lead the Associates Committee and to represent their  views constructively to the Management Committee.

Education Committee Report – Elizabeth Gibson
CMPA has continued to maintain its representation of members’  education and training requirements to government, peak training bodies, RTOs and other industry organizations. Two submissions were made to the Federal Government concerning a review of the training structure, training packages and accredited courses. An Extractive Industries Forum conducted by the Box Hill Institute was also attended by Garry Cranny (Chairperson), Elizabeth Gibson and Gavin Moreira who supported the Institute’s objective on their focus on industry engagement to deliver relevant training to the extractive industry.

A number of educational events by CMPA were conducted throughout the year:

  • Workshop on safe working distances from quarry faces that has led to a guideline “Geotechnical Risk and Civil Infrastructure Risk in Quarries” currently being developed.
  • Guarding and Traffic Management Guideline Training
  • General Meeting with informative presentations by DEDJTR:  Extractives Demand & Supply Project; Worksafe: Quarry  Oversight (OHS) Project; William Adams, Operator Training;  EI Engineering, Bucket Technology; CES, Crushing equipment developments and Flexco, Belt Conveyors.

The Future
The Secretariat is planning to hold a workshop in October 2015 on issues which impact on both Voting and Associate Members businesses: Drug and Alcohol policy (VECCI); Bullying in the Work Place Policy (VECCI) and Return to Work (Worksafe). In 2016 a busy schedule of educational events is planned including: Dust Management in a Quarry training and development of a Fire Management Plan.

Treasurer’s Report – John Pititto
As another year passes I am pleased to present my Treasurer’s report on the 2015 Audited Financial Statements for the CMPA. The association has seen an increase in operating costs in the year which were budgeted for but revenue did not meet expectations which unfortunately meant the association posted a loss before extraordinary items and tax expense for the period.

The major source of income was membership subscriptions with contributions from meetings and events, newsletter advertising and operator document sales. Revenue was effectively at the same level as the previous year but down on budget mainly due to a decrease in advertising revenue.

Employment expenses were the single largest expense in the period. This covered one full time employee and three part time employees. Other expenses included publications, consultants and the cost of holding meetings and events. Total expenditure was higher than last year.

In the midst of this tough economic climate it is great to see members are still willing to support the association through membership renewals for the upcoming year.

Secretariat’s Report – Sarah Andrew
This year has seen the CMPA run many very successful events including one General Meeting and three workshops, as well as coordinating training providers and attendees for six recognised courses. In total over 226 people participated in these activities. We would like to thank all participants for their contribution.

Elizabeth has invested considerable time and energy in the implementation of the EDIC report and represents the CMPA on the following committees: Earth Resources Reform Steering Committee (Risk-based Work Plan form and a discounted rehabilitation bond model) and the Extractive Industries Taskforce (Security of access to construction materials). As noted last year, our Voting Members assistance is greatly appreciated and will no doubt be of continued assistance this year.

Ensuring that our Members remain in contact with the CMPA and their voice is heard has again been a priority this year. We would like to thank all our Members for their time and effort in hosting us and ensuring we have a better appreciation of your needs.

Information Flow
Sand & Stone remains the primary source of keeping Members informed on the CMPA’s activities throughout 2014/15. YMedia in Kilmore have continued to design and publish Sand & Stone, and combined with Jacinta’s skills in this area have resulted in a number of improvements. We of course extend our sincerest thanks to YMedia, its many contributors especially those who present articles for every edition, and the advertisers without whom the magazine would not be possible.

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