CMPA News (Issue 84)

By on February 2, 2016

2016 CMPA Wall Planner 

The 2016 CMPA Wall Planner was inserted into the last issue of Sand & Stone. This is the fifth year the Planner has been put together and it is bigger and better than ever. Your feedback on its usefulness in the office or the lunchroom would be greatly appreciated. The CMPA is looking to improve on this tool for the years  ahead. If you require any more copies of the wall planner please contact the Secretariat and we will be more than happy to send them to you.

Thank you to the twenty three Members who have taken ads, your support is greatly appreciated.

Remember to Support the Suppliers who support you.

CMPA Associate Committee Meeting

On 23rd November, 2015 the CMPA Associate Committee held its final meeting for the year at the William Adams offices in Clayton. The CMPA Chairperson, Garry Cranny was in attendance and was delighted to meet the Associate Committee and other Associate members. He thanked them for the very important part they play in supporting the Voting members, the equipment and services they supply as well as their association, for without them we would not have the Secretariat we have today.

Discussions were held about next  year’s AGM and Annual Dinner to be  held on Saturday 17th September 2016  at the Pullman Hotel, Albert Park. Items brought to the table included: entertainment and activities to make the event an enjoyable weekend.

The growth and development of Sand & Stone was discussed and so too was the importance of Associate member contributions in the form of editorials, advertorials and staff profiles. This will not
only help keep the content interesting for all readers but publically advertise your business. An integral part of being a member of an association is to be able to communicate to other members what you are all about and what you can offer to help grow each other’s businesses. Successful businesses can only benefit the industry in the long run.

The CMPA website re-development is now in its final stages. Associates see the website as a pivotal tool to increase brand awareness for their businesses. The website NEWS section is now being updated weekly by the Secretariat and includes past meetings, safety updates and Associate or Voting Member information. Google analytics and reporting are also a high priority for the Secretariat to enable us to identify the usage, by members and public, of the website.

Networking opportunities, for 2015/16, currently being investigated include workshops and meetings in February and March 2016. Other ways to enable more regular communication with voting members were keenly discussed at the meeting.

Are You Making the Most of Your Website?

The re-development of the CMPA website is complete and is a fantastic tool to find whatever you are looking for with regards to the industry.

The following new initiatives are now in place to ensure better communication and a wider spread of information amongst members:

  • The website is able to be viewed on different mediums (mobiles, ipads, laptops and desktops)
  • News Blog updated weekly with meetings, safety updates and member information
  • Sand & Stone can be viewed as a pdf or as an new online magazine with article search capability
  • Memberships, publications and bookings for events can be done through the online store
  • CMPA is now utilising social media with a developing LinkedIn account and YouTube channel for videos
  • Electronic Direct Mail via Mail Chimp is being used to provide monthly Safety Updates  and other updates as required
  • The Preferred Suppliers search has been enhanced with greater ways to find Associates and Voting Members

CMPA Site Visits

Elizabeth Gibson and Adrian Town undertook some site visits to Members and Prospective Members in Western Victoria from 18 – 20 November 2015.

The aim of the visits was to hear first-hand any issues impacting on Voting Members and inform them of the advocacy, for the industry to Government, being undertaken on behalf of Members
by the CMPA Secretariat.

Elizabeth and Adrian first met with Ian and Ken Leech of Hampstead Gravel – a hard rock quarry. Then went on to Stawell Brick Co. where they met with John Collins (owner), the clay quarry
supplies material for the bricks. Whilst there, they heard about the history of the company which began in 1928 and then in 1940 commenced making bricks on the current site. Elizabeth and Adrian subsequently visited Stawell Quarry (Conundrum Holdings) where they were given a tour of the hard rock quarry. K & J Baker Cartage at Murtoa, was visited next. It is owned by Kevin Baker and supplies gravel, sand and landscaping products from its quarry in addition to undertaking cartage and earthmoving. The final visit was to Moree Quarries (GEM Group Holdings) in Harrow where Bob Ferguson (Quarry Manager) gave a tour of the hard rock quarry.

Many thanks to the Voting Members who made Adrian and Elizabeth most welcome. Many potential members were also visited.

Management Committee Meeting

The Management Committee meeting was held on 25 November 2015 at the Kilmore Tennis Club. The attendees were Garry Cranny (Chairperson), Basil Natoli (Deputy Chairperson), John Pititto (Treasurer), John Mawson, Tim Bird and Drew Phillips. Apologies were from Ant Bateup, Andrew Burdett, Matt Skidmore and Tej Panesar.

Finances showed Members were renewing at a faster rate than last year, however, there are still those who are yet to renew. Expenses were shown to be lower than budgeted.

A discussion was held around CMPA’s submission on the Victoria’s Future Industries Construction Technologies Discussion Paper with the Management Committee requesting a representative from the State Government speak on incentives for the industry for research participation with universities at the next meeting.

Next, the issues which were raised with the Minister for Energy and Resources, The Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP, were discussed together with the issues raised in a separate meeting held with the Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources, David Southwick MP.

The Calendar of events was detailed and it was decided the theme of the General Meeting will be around dust. This is due to the training occurring earlier in the day covering Dust Management in quarries.

The meeting was paused at this point for afternoon tea and the arrival of Tony Robinson (Acting General Manager Operations, Earth Resources Regulation, DEDJTR). Additional CMPA Voting Members also came to listen to Tony Robinson and to raise issues which will be discussed later on in Sand & Stone.

The next meeting will be held on 24 February 2016 in Kilmore and Tony Robinson has agreed to attend. All Voting Members are also most welcome to attend.


  • Meeting with Ross McGowan, Executive Director Earth Resources Regulation, Melbourne, Elizabeth Gibson
  • Meeting with Tony Robinson, Acting General Manager Operations, Earth Resources Regulation, Melbourne, Elizabeth Gibson
  • Meeting with Extractive Industry Taskforce DEDJTR (Supply and Demand of construction materials), Melbourne,  Elizabeth Gibson
  • VicRoads (Graeme Newman)/ CMPA Technical Committee Meeting (Mark Wagner, Conundrum Holdings; Craig James, E B Mawson & Son;  Bill Payne, Quarry Crete) at Northern Quarries, Epping
  • CMPA Marketing meeting, Kilmore
  • Meeting with Dr Matthew Butlin, Red Tape Commissioner, Kilmore, Ron Kerr and Elizabeth Gibson
  • Meeting with Christine Filippis, Managing Director of Teraze Communications, to discuss a communications strategy for CMPA Kilmore, Elizabeth Gibson and Gavin Moreira
  • Earth Resources Reform Steering Committee meeting, DEDJTR, Melbourne, Elizabeth Gibson
  • Red Tape Commissioner, Matthew Butlin, Melbourne, Basil Natoli, Elizabeth Gibson
  • Earth Resources Reform Steering Committee meeting, DEDJTR, Melbourne, Elizabeth Gibson regarding the ERR proposed compliance strategy.



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