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Recent Events

ELIZABETH GIBSON (CMPA) was invited by DEPI to meet with the Dhelkunya Dja Land Management Board at the Novotel in Creswick.  The CMPA Associate Committee held its final meeting for the year in Dandenong, at the offices of Onetrak Pty Ltd. The committee is looking forward to a bigger and better year in 2015. The Secretariat said farewell to Melanie Sumpter and welcomed Jacinta Gall as the new Administration Support Officer.

The CMPA VicRoads Technical committee met for the final time this year at Northern Quarries. In attendance was Graeme Newman (VicRoads), Mark Wagner (Conundrum Holdings), Craig James (E. B. Mawson and Sons), Bill Payne (QuarryCrete) and Elizabeth Gibson (CMPA). Items discussed are detailed later on in this issue.

Elizabeth Gibson (CMPA) attended the Extractive Industry Taskforce meeting (DSDBI) in Melbourne to discuss the supply and demand of extractive resources project which has been put on hold until 2015.

The Earth Resources Reform Steering Committee meeting (DSDBI) was attended by Elizabeth Gibson (CMPA) in Melbourne where the proposed risk based work plan form and rehabilitation bonds were discussed – more to be reported in future issues.

A strategy meeting was held at Fulton Hogan Tynong Quarry to discuss the details of the upcoming workshop on Safe Distances from Quarry Faces and the development of the guideline. In attendance was Michael Maraspin and  Rodger James (Fulton Hogan), Basil Natoli (Bell Cochrane & Associates), David McKelvie (DMcK Management), Rodney Krins (Fullbore Drill & Blast), Wayne Deken (Conundrum Holdings), Adam Gordon and Reza Ghaemi (Orica) and Gavin Moreira (CMPA).

2015 CMPA Wall Planner

THE 2015 CMPA Wall Planner was sent out in the last issue of Sand & Stone. This is the fourth year the Planner has been put together and it is bigger and better than last year. Your feedback on its usefulness in the office or the lunchroom would be greatly appreciated. The CMPA is looking to improve on this tool for the years ahead. If you require any more copies of the wall planner please contact the Secretariat and we will be more than happy to send them out to you.  Thank you to the twenty three Associate Members who have taken out ads your support is greatly appreciated. Remember to Support the Suppliers who support you.

CMPA Associate Committee Meeting

On 5 December, 2014 the CMPA Associate Committee held its last meeting for the year at the Onetrak Pty Ltd offices in Dandenong. Discussions were had around next year’s AGM and Annual Dinner to be held in Wangaratta. Items brought to the table included: entertainment and activities to make the event an enjoyable weekend.

The growth and development of Sand & Stone was discussed and so too was the importance of associate member contributions in the form of editorial, advertorials and staff profiles. This will not only help keep the content interesting for all readers but to publically advertise your business. An integral part of being a member of an association is to be able to communicate to other members what you are all about and what you can offer to help grow each other’s businesses. Successful businesses can only benefit the industry in the long run.

The concept designs for the re-development of the CMPA Website were viewed and ideas discussed on how best to get value for not only associates but all members and the association as a whole. The website needs to keep being developed and utilised by members not only as a resource but as a key marketing tool for the association and the industry. It’s important that key links are created between the CMPA and all Preferred Suppliers.

Other networking opportunities for 2015 are currently being investigated including regional trade shows in conjunction with workshops and meetings. Other ways to be able to communicate more regularly with voting members was also keenly discussed.

Site Visits – Geelong and Surf Coast area

Elizabeth Gibson (General Manager) and Adrian Town (Development Manager) undertook site visits in the Geelong and Surf Coast area in November 2014.

The site visits included Voting members as well as potential Voting and Associate members. The Voting members visited included Trevor Bartlett, Quarry Manager of Aerolite Quarries, Anakie which supplies light weight sand and aggregate products (scoria). Lane Collins, Quarry Manager and Mark Malone, Supervisor of Batesford Quarry in Fyansford, who produce and market a range of limestone and fine sand products from their limestone quarry. David and Joanne Dunoon of Newcomb Sand & Soil Supplies in Moolap, supplier of bulk quarried landscape and civil construction materials. Patrick Duke, owner, of Bellarine Sands, who produces sand, soil and gravel.  Stephen Richardson, Quarry Manager, from Local Mix Quarries, which produces sand, soil and gravel.

A briefing was given to each person on the proposed risk based work plans, new fees and rehabilitation bonds as well as discussing developments within the CMPA such as the Guarding Guidelines and the soon to be released Traffic Management Plan Guidelines.

Thank you to all Voting members for making us very welcome, giving us the opportunity to view your operations and for feedback to us on CMPA.

Return to Work meeting with VWA

The last issue of Sand & Stone provided an extract from the Discussion Paper on Quarries from VWA. One of the key areas the Secretariat is looking at is to provide members with more information on is Injury Management and Return to Work.

The quarry industry is small, both from a claim and remuneration perspective, however the percentage of claimants who hadn’t returned to work within 13 weeks is high and adds considerably to the cost of a claim in Quarries. Positively 61% of time-loss claims (those claims that incurred 10 days or more time off work exceeding the employer excess period) resulted in successful and sustained Returning To Work (RTW) outcomes. However more concerning were the 23% of claimants who hadn’t returned to work within 13 weeks of ceasing work.

This percentage is high when compared to other industries in the scheme. On average a successful RTW claim will cost the employer $8,084 whilst an unsuccessful RTW claim could cost $75,542.

The Secretariat and CMPA Members met with VWA in Melbourne back in November 2014. Ian Sutcliffe, Manager RTW Inspectorate made a presentation which included an:

  • Introduction to the RTW Inspectorate
  • Understanding the importance of Returning To Work (RTW) following an injury
  • Understanding an Employer’s RTW Obligations
  • Tips to assist with collaborating with GP’s and how this can assist employers to meet their obligations
  • Current VWA initiatives to engage GP’s and facilitate RTW outcomes

Further articles in future issues of Sand & Stone and workshops for Members are to follow early in the New Year.

Management Committee meeting

The Management Committee meeting was held on 26 November 2014 in Kilmore. In attendance were Garry Cranny (Chairperson), Basil Natoli, Andrew Burdett, John Mawson, David Eldridge, Alan Bloomfield and Erik Birzulis (Associates Committee representative). Kylie White, Executive Director Earth Resources Regulation Branch, DSDBI met with the Committee prior to the meeting. Issues which were discussed included amendments to the legislation and the risk based Work Plan template.

The Management Committee meeting then commenced. Gavin Moreira summarised the financial report (with prior approval from John Pititto) which is on track against budget.

An update was given on the Extractive Industry Taskforce (DSDBI). The role of the task force is to identify and protect current and future extractive resources. At present DSDBI has put out a tender for demand and supply of extractive resources that will include an “in confidence” voluntary survey of quarry operators.

The CMPA Web-site upgrade is in the design concept stage and designs were shown to the Management Committee. A YouTube channel was discussed and was agreed to revisit this idea. It was also decided not to have Facebook and LinkedIn functionality. The final website is forecast to be completed by end of February 2015.

Basil Natoli was elected as Deputy Chairperson of the Management Committee.

The Management Committee roles and Code of Conduct had been circulated to the Management Committee prior to the meeting. The Management Committee approved the Management Committee Roles and Code of Conduct.



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