From the Secretariat – Issue 87

By on August 16, 2016

Change in Ministers

DR ELIZABETH GIBSON, General Manager for the CMPA outlines the changes to the Ministerial portfolio under the Andrews Government.

Photo of The Hon Lili D’Ambrosio

The Hon Lili D’Ambrosio

On 23 May 2016, the Andrews Government announced a change in Ministerial portfolios. Minister Lili D’Ambrosio (former Minister for Energy and Resources) has the new portfolio of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, with a focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and combatting the effects of climate change. To ensure Victoria’s fastest growing suburbs remain great places to live and work, Ms D’Ambrosio has also been appointed Minister for Suburban Development. Ms D’Ambrosio will work to develop 5-year plans for jobs, services and infrastructure and to identify where state and federal governments should focus investment.

Minister D’Ambrosio was sent congratulations on being appointed to her new portfolio by CMPA and thanked for her support of the construction material industry, for example, through the launch of the CMPA Guidelines for geotechnical risk in quarries, initiating the “Supply and demand of construction materials in Victoria” study and undertaking reform of the Earth Resources Regulation Branch. The CMPA looks forward to future interaction with the Minister in her new role.

Photo of The Hon Wade Noonan

The Hon Wade Noonan

Our new Minister is The Hon Wade Noonan MP (formerly the Police Minister). He will drive the Labor Government’s jobs agenda, taking on the portfolios of Industry and Employment, and Resources. Mr Noonan’s priorities will include overseeing the transition of the automotive sector and securing new jobs through investment facilitation. Dr Elizabeth Gibson has met with the Minister’s Adviser, Owen Virtue to brief him on the issues which the construction materials industry face. The following issues were raised:

  • Separation of quarries from mines and coal mines in legislation.
    > The lengthy process, uncertainty and expense to obtain an approved Work Plan
    > Native vegetation/Biodiversity
    > Aboriginal Heritage
    > Catchment Management Authorities
    > Local Planning Authorities
  • Rehabilitation bonds: Hazelwood mine fire inquiry and any potential impact on rehabilitation bonds for quarries. CMPA believes the rehabilitation bond calculator still needs to be reviewed.
  • EPA Inquiry report – possible transfer of Earth Resources Regulation (DEDJTR) to EPA.
  • Risk based Work Plans: The CMPA is concerned with the costs to the extractives industry due to the introduction of risk based work plans and that the risk assessment should be contained.

A meeting is also being sought with Minister Noonan.

The CMPA Secretariat looks forward to working with Minister Noonan and congratulates the Minister on his appointment to his new portfolio.


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