100 Issues of change

By on October 3, 2018


Like many others, I have been involved with the CMPA since its inception and can congratulate the CMPA on its remarkable evolution over the years, to the point where the 100th issue of its official organ “Sand & Stone” is published.  Well batted indeed.

The CMPA was formed because of a perceived need for an association which would directly represent extractive operations, both small and larger scattered across Victoria and adjacent regions, the majority of these operations being privately or even family owned.


It is instructive to recollect that the objects of the CMPA include the following:

  • Foster unity and co-operation between members and others.
  • As a resource and provide support to its members through the delivery of cost savings and assistance in complying with legal obligations.


Sand & Stone Magazine has been the key to the furthering of these objectives. Over the years since the beginning of the CMPA the extractive industry has been faced with continuing major issues, whether they be regulatory in the operational sense, or regulatory in the sense of obtaining work authorities or planning permits. Many of these issues have been very complex and it is difficult to see how extractive operators could have survived without these being communicated, interpreted and analysed in Sand & Stone, leading to positions being taken by the CMPA which reflect the opinions and interests of CMPA members. In addition, Sand & Stone brings to CMPA members’ information, advice and opinion pieces from those with professional skills related to the industry.

100th Issue

100th Issue

It is further to be noted that another object of the CMPA since the beginning has been to vigorously pursue with Government and others issues of widespread concern to members. Such has been the evolution of Sand & Stone from a relatively simple news sheet to a sophisticated industry journal that it is the case today that Government and the wider industry are well aware of what appears in Sand & Stone.

Andrew Lumb

Nevett Ford Melbourne Pty Ltd

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