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By on June 4, 2019

GAVIN MOREIRA, Member Services Manager of CMPA reports on the value of being a CMPA Member.

The CMPA is recognised as the principal advocate for the Construction Materials Processors Industry in Victoria.

The mission of the CMPA is to provide strong representation and advocacy in the best interests of its Members. In so doing, the CMPA will support the operating viability and foster the long-term sustainability of Members businesses and more generally, the Construction Materials Industry in Victoria.

The purpose of CMPA is to ensure the continued presence of a viable broad spectrum of businesses that extract and process hard rock, gravel, sand, clay, lime, and soil. CMPA members also operate recycling businesses. CMPA members are typically small to medium sized family and private businesses; local government; and utilities within Victoria.

As a representative organisation, the CMPA is now regularly called upon to provide comment, submissions and direct assistance to members, government, regulatory bodies, industry and the wider community. We rely on our membership to ensure the continuation of these goals and endeavours, and to enable us to continue to represent all industry participants, regardless of size or status.

A Policy and Special Issues fund was set up at inception of the association back in 2000 which is made up of Gold membership contributions and a percentage of all Membership subscriptions for each financial year. To date the fund has spent over $376K (see table) which equates to about $18.8K a year on average being spent on supporting our members.

Without the CMPA and the intensive lobbying that it does on behalf of members, industry would be facing higher costs and burdens on their bottom line with little recognition by Government of the essential service provided by Members that support Victoria’s economic growth. To name a few:

• Exposure DRAFT Mineral Resources Amendment Regulations and RIS – $12 million dollars removed from cost recovery (2014).

• Further cost recovery deferred until 2020.

“Getting the groundwork right – Better regulation of mines and quarries” implementation plan by the Commissioner for Better Regulation May 2018.

• An increase of $12.7 million in the budget May 2018 for Earth Resources Regulation to deliver a program of work that will simplify regulatory procedures and provide for an upgraded online application system.

• Victorian Extractive Resources Strategy: Helping Victoria Grow June 2018.

• A Joint Ministerial Statement (Planning and Resources) August 2018 and the long-awaited Planning Practice Note published in February 2019.

• Resources Super profit Tax (RSPT), quarries became exempt.

• Changes to the Planning and Environment Act (1987). Changes to Permit expiry due to failure to start the work within the specified time.

However, CMPA is aware of continually increasing regulations to the industry hurting small to medium sized businesses in the construction materials industry.

Anticipated developments for 2019-20 includes issues such as:

  • Development of various submissions for Government Policies, Regulations and Codes of Practice that impact the future of the industry. This includes risk based work plans, Native Vegetation Clearing Regulations, Aboriginal Heritage, Catchment Management Authorities and the draft Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Extractive Industry Regulations 2020.
  • Advocating for an improved, efficient, effective and practicable work plan approval process.
  • Working with Government to develop mechanisms for identifying and protecting current and future extractive resource assets in planning mechanisms.
  • Continued development of the following Training Manuals: Conduct Sand Wash Operations, Service and Maintain Screens and Service and Maintain Conveyors, Bins and Hoppers.
  • Development of Progressive Rehabilitation Management Plan template for Quarries.
  • Project on sustainability of the extractive industry – Stage 3 analysis of ERR approvals data.
  • Providing input to VicRoads on strategic and technical issues through the CMPA Technical Committee.
  • Update to the CMPA Blast Management Plan Template.
  • Slimes management in sand quarries guidelines.
  • Fire response and readiness management plan template and guidelines.
  • Pest weed and animal management template and guidelines.
  • Update the CMPA Dust Management Guideline to also include a Dust Management Plan Template.

The development of the Safety Documents has helped improve the standard of safety and compliance on members’ sites enabling members to get on with the operating side of their business knowing they are being kept up to date and informed of industry best practice.

The development of the Reference Manuals has enabled members to train their current and prospective employees to improve their knowledge and understanding of how their business operates on site.

Benefits of Membership of CMPA

The success of CMPA, the peak body in Victoria for family, private, Council and State Government quarries; and recyclers; is due to its membership base: Voting, Associate and Workforce members working together with one collective voice to State and Federal Governments.

The CMPA is overseen by an elected Management Committee as well as an Associate Committee which is guided by the CMPA Statement of Purpose.

CMPA communication. Communication with Members is through the CMPA bimonthly magazine (Sand & Stone), Preferred Suppliers Manual, the CMPA website, industry updates through email / Mail Chimp as well as through social media such as news blogs on the CMPA website and posts and articles on LinkedIn.

CMPA events. Events include training workshops, general meetings and AGM/annual dinner are all discounted for members.

CMPA industry tools. Industry tools have been developed by CMPA with input from the extensive membership experience in the extractive industry to assist Members in their businesses which are all discounted for members:

  • Development of reference manuals;
  • Development of Guidelines;
  • Preferred Suppliers and General Information Reference Manual; and
  • Administration documents;
    • Plant safety checklists;
    • Personal Work Record and Employee Wage books;
    • Hot Work Permits;
    • Site Managers Report and Issue Resolution books;

The CMPA supports Members with issues concerning Work Authorities, OHS, Industry Best Practice and many other concerns.

To ensure better coverage and provide the best results possible for the industry, the CMPA needs you to renew or join the CMPA as a Member in 2019-20. No one is too big or too small. Fifty per cent of our Members report turnover of less than 30,000 tonnes per year, whilst several Members produce in excess of 1.3 million tonnes per year.

Please contact Gavin Moreira, today, on or 03 5781 0655 for further information on CMPA Membership.

Congratulations Gavin on achieving 10 years at the CMPA.

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