A new development program delivered by the Australian Training Alliance.

By on May 26, 2016

MIKE CAMERON, Leadership Development for Australian Training Alliance reports on the new development program for the extractive industry.

Registered Training Organisation, Australian Training Alliance (ATA) has been providing training solutions nationally since 2005 for the construction, mining and quarrying industries through a variety of programs catering to all levels from senior managers, supervisors, team leaders to operators and new entrants.

As part of its ongoing commitment to the extractive industry, and the construction material processors sector, ATA has been successfully delivering a new development program.  The program helps address an identified need for managers (and business owners) to acquire qualifications which will complement their existing industry experience and in many cases, ensure regulatory compliance for quarry managers. The program is the Diploma of Surface Operations Management.

It focuses on six important themes:

  • Safety, health and the environment
  • Governance and legal compliance
  • Risk identification and management
  • Managing budgets and financial plans
  • People management and leadership skills
  • A number of key, industry specific, operational, planning and management skills

Participants are also required to undertake a business related improvement project as part of the program to both apply the learning covered in the theory based workshops, and provide a quantifiable return on investment to their business.

ATA’s CEO Justin Scripps commented,

“One of the biggest issues highlighted by the quarrying industry is how the lack of formal leadership, poor people management and inadequate communication skills impacts on overall productivity, safety and the general well-being of a business.  This program has been carefully developed as an extension of our highly successful Mastering Leadership program, which we’ve been delivering to the resources sector over the past 5 years, with significant benefits to both participants and their employers”.

ATA has developed a strong reputation for its commitment to professional training through effective delivery and thorough assessment practices. This ensures each participant can carry out their job role in a competent and reliable manner. In addition, we deliver an extensive range of training to quarry supervisors and operators, based on the nationally accredited training competencies aligned to the Certificate III and IV in Surface Extraction Operations qualifications.

“The experience of our training staff and their commitment to quality delivery has been at the core of our growth nationally. The feedback we receive from our clients reflects their uncompromising approach and passion for quality training.” commented Justin.

ATA client Fiona Petty, HR Manager from Nucrush Group stated “we have found the services offered by ATA, especially those related to the Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations, to be of a particularly high standard. The trainer, Joe Torrent, operates with a level of thoroughness and efficiency which inspires great confidence from an employer’s point of view, while providing an engaging and supportive learning experience for the operators.”

For more information, visit atagroup.net.au

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