Accredited Training in Laboratory Sciences and Testing

By on July 30, 2015

CRAIG HALIDAY, State Manager Victoria for Lab Tech Training (LTT) provides a report on current training available to CMPA members.

LTT is a registered training organisation who has been in operation over nine years. They train nationally with offices in every mainland state. Over eighty five staff meets the needs of the industry in the areas of training.

LTT is a preferred supplier of training services to the CMPA and its members providing accredited training in Laboratory Sciences and testing, delivering Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques and Diploma in Laboratory Technology onsite at the participants own laboratory.

In April 2015 a 3 day session was held at Allstone Quarries Newbridge, for a group of employees from several quarries. The session included MSL952001A Collect routine site samples and MSL973010A Conduct laboratory based acceptance tests on construction materials, to assist individuals and businesses meet NATA requirements.

At the conclusion of the session, participants felt they had a better knowledge of sampling and testing procedures and the theory behind the tests, the requirements of a NATA accredited laboratory and how to eliminate errors associated with sampling and testing of construction materials.

Who should attend training?

  • New staff members who need to learn sampling and  laboratory testing;
  • Existing staff, to ensure their skills are current and  following Australian Standards;
  • Staff who may be working within the laboratory on a part time basis; and
  • Staff wanting to upgrade their skills.

Benefits of training

  • Staff who have completed training may be authorised to  conduct NATA accredited site specific sampling and testing;
  • Trained employees assist in meeting best industry practices;
  • Nationally recognised training provides a robust system  which ensures consistent performance across an organisation;
  • Structured training fosters a positive work culture;
  • Assists with future workforce planning and skills retention;  and
  • Helps industry meet regulatory compliance.

Collect routine site samples
This course will give participants the following skills:

  • Plan and prepare for sampling;
  • Perform sampling while maintaining the integrity of  the sample;
  • Transporting sample to collection point;
  • Completing documentation and ensuring traceability; and
  • Minimising environmental impacts of sampling.

All sampling is taken in accordance with Australian Standards.

Conduct laboratory based acceptance tests for  construction materials.
This course will give participants the skills to conduct test work according to Australian Standards and VicRoads Standards. Successful participants may be approved (by their facility) to authorise NATA test reports providing there is adequate technical control by a level 4/5 person (see Construction Materials Testing ISO/IEC 17025 Application Document).

The following test work will be covered during the course:

  • Grading (particle size distribution);
  • Moisture content;
  • Median size;
  • Flakiness index;
  • Average least dimension; and
  • Comparison by visual inspection (unsound stone).

For further information, please contact LabTech Training, 1300 588 588 or go to our website

SITE PHOTO: Site Samples

SITE PHOTO: Site Samples









SITE PHOTO: Lab based tests

SITE PHOTO: Lab based tests




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