Annual wage review for Modern Awards.

By on September 30, 2015

Fair Work Australia (FWA) has handed down its 2015 Annual Wage Review Decision.
GAVIN MOREIRA, Member Services Manager, CMPA reports on the changes to wage rates and allowances.

The 2015/16 financial year is well under way; please ensure your employee wages and allowances have been updated. Fair Work Australia’s 2015 annual wage review, took effect from the first full pay period on or after the 1 July, 2015 has delivered an increase to the Modern Award weekly rate of 2.5%.

Most Modern Award allowances have also increased either as part of the minimum wage increase or based upon the relevant consumer price index (CPI) sub-category. The wage rates as published reflect the increase to the Modern Award wage rates.

Please see the table for new minimum wage rates and allowances payable under the Quarrying Award 2010 and a comparison with last year’s rates.

A full-time employee must be paid a minimum weekly rate for their classification as set out in the table below:



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