Associate Members Survey Results 2014/15

By on February 2, 2016

Prepared by the Secretariat with comments  from Tej Panesar, Associate Chairperson.

The main drivers behind continuing with the survey (which is in its fourth year) were to continue consolidating and to gain an understanding of how the associates view the future direction of the industry, to establish Member priorities and to direct the Association’s resources accordingly.The response rate from the Associate Members was 29% for 2014/15 similar to last year (2013/14, 30%). Greater participation is encouraged.

The continuation of the extractive industry in Victoria is due to the support of CMPA Associate Members. Responses were from Associate Members providing a variety of products and services: drilling and blasting, electrical products and services, equipment and plant hire, industry services, mobile plant, production consumables, secondary breaking, educational training and products, engines and transmissions, industry consultants and professional services. With reduced major infrastructure projects and lower demand for our resources worldwide, the predicted change in the level of business activity anticipated for the financial year 2015/16 reflects a decrease in the extractive industry health. As shown in the table below:

Table 1

Note that an activity level of 100 indicates there is a balance between those who respond positively and negatively.

A response level below 100 indicates conditions are deteriorating and a reading above 100 indicates that on the net average conditions are improving. The overall impact of the responses allows us to establish a progressive trend.

Some of the reasons given for the lack of business confidence are due to: the future outlook for major infrastructure projects not being promising, the market is flat and Voting Members margins are tighter, with a flow on effect on the Associate Members’ activity margins too. However, there were some encouraging signs such as enhanced capabilities and new products and product lines. Opportunity to do maintenance and be high-production ready is helping Associate Member activity to some extent.

A similar trend is shown for anticipated recruitment activity. Associates are struggling to keep their existing staff productively active and the escalating cost of activity and site visits puts further pressure on them.

Table 2

The Associate Members availed themselves of the services offered by CMPA over the last 12 months (2014/15): Sand & Stone advertising, provision of articles for Sand & Stone, sponsorship of CMPA events, attendance at the Annual Dinner and support for training materials. There were also positive comments about the new CMPA website ( The additional services which Associate Members would like to see CMPA provide include increased access to voting members allowing for marketing of products and services through field days, visits and seminars and promotion through the CMPA website.

A question was asked as to the level of support given by Voting Members with 85% (2014/15) satisfied with the level of support which was the same as last financial year.

The percentage of Associate Members making verbal/electronic communication with Voting Members over the last 12 month was at 74% (compared to 65% in 2013/14).

The percentage of Associate Members making direct contact with Voting Members over the last 12 months was at 68% (compared to 58% in 2013/14).

This is a true reflection of greater interaction but financial returns are not commensurate with the interaction. However this period of bonding and updating members on Associate Member’s products, services and capabilities is an opportunity to be business-ready. The impact of government regulation on business activity has decreased in 2014/15 as shown in the chart below:

Table 3

38% of associate members responded that, where an increase has been perceived in government regulation, they have found no benefit to the industry. 52% have had increased costs in their business due to government regulation with 18% passing these costs onto their customers.

That concludes the summary of the Associate Members’ survey. It should be noted the input from the Associate Members has been used to drive the program of events and activities for 2016. Associate Members will be invited to sponsor and attend these events. Networking when the industry-activity is low is a good time to improve business relations and members have more time on hand to meet and listen to Associate Members. This time of low activity should be positively used. The next events are Working Safely with Geotechnical Risk in Quarries (to be held on 18.02.16) and the Members Day/General meeting (to be held 16.03.16).

All Associate members have an open invitation to attend the Associate Members Committee meetings and provide direct input on issues which affect them. A member from the Management Committee also attends the Associate Members Committee Meeting to hear directly Associate Member issues. This allows for continual improvement in understanding of the issues and workable solutions for CMPA Members as a whole.

CMPA Membership Survey – Prize Winner
The purpose of the CMPA Member Surveys (Voting and Associate) is to establish member priorities and direct the Association’s resources accordingly. The 2015 CMPA Members Survey Participation Prize Winner – Mr Mark Stalio from Aurora Constructions in Epping (Voting Member).


PHOTO: Dr Elizabeth Gibson presents Mark Stalio of Aurora Constructions with the Mini iPad.

PHOTO: Dr Elizabeth Gibson presents Mark Stalio of Aurora
Constructions with the Mini iPad.


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