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Chris Rachor
10 March 2004

The tyre awareness course that we attended at work was mainly on tyre damage and what to look for when checking tyres daily. It was very educational and it has made me more aware and made me take more time when checking tyres.

The main functions of a tyre:

  • Supporting a load
  • Absorbing road shocks
  • Transferring traction and braking forces to the road
  • Changing and maintaining the direction of travel

Uses and characteristics of tyres

Dump Trucks

Uses: Transporting material


  • Heat resistance
  • Cut resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Shock resistance


Uses: Loading materials


  • Cut resistance
  • Wear resistance

Tyre Maintenance

The condition and inflation of tyres should be checked daily so you get the maximum wear life out of your tyres. The operating surface that these machines drive over should be smooth and free from spillage. The critical areas of inspection are tread cuts, abnormal shoulder condition, sidewall cuts and rim line.

When inflating tyres it is important not to stand in front of the tyre just in case they burst which can result in death.

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