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DREW PHILLIPS, Managing Director and owner of Castella Quarries, reports on the recent site visit by Burwood Heights Primary School.

On the 27th October 2017 Castella Quarries happily opened its door to Burwood Heights Primary School for what is now becoming an annual event. In 2016 when the primary school had been let down by one of the big construction crush rock/aggregate suppliers. A phone call to Drew Phillips and the team at Castella Quarries were happy to fill the void that was left.

The kids are part of a program that teaches them about real life experiences. The group consists of ten students aged from 10 to 11 years old and two teachers. They have to apply to join the program were they have to work to raise money for the bus and their adventures. These jobs include washing cars, cleaning/gardening around the school and general pocket money jobs. The day’s activities include the quarry visit then on to Yarra Junction for some caving and abseiling.

The day starts early in the morning with Paul Campion as the tour guide. The group is seated in the board room while a short presentation on the quarry, its history, life and future is presented. We move into how the rock is extracted from the ground and naturally the “blasting side” has the most attention. Videos of blasting and drilling are shown and pictures of general equipment used in blasting. They are all amazed that we no longer used the Road runner cartoon method! Samples are used with videos of the rock going into the jaw then through belts and crushes to end up with the aggregates. It is also explained how crushed rock is produced like a cake mix so it is up to Australian and VicRoads standards.

The students then climb aboard the mini bus and the tour of an active quarry starts. They are taken down into the pit and are able to watch load and haul operations. They are all amazed at the size of the haul trucks and the tonnage they can carry. The visual drive by the plant and an explanation of how the screens and crushers work. Next stop is the sales pad where the kids are able to see firsthand the crushed rock and aggregates being loaded into sales trucks.

The last stop is the NATA certified lab where an explanation of quality standards is given. The students are shown the difference between a concrete aggregate and how crush rock compacts for road usage.

In the end a successful day for all the staff and students said;

“the students and teachers from Burwood Heights Primary School would sincerely like to thank you for your time and effort you have put into making our experience memorable. We really enjoyed the ‘behind the scenes’ tour of your quarry and have learnt so much in the process. May you continue to have a community spirit so others are impacted by you generosity.”

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Castella Quarries

“Our mission is to provide high quality products that conform to VicRoads specifications,” a bold statement for a first generation quarry owner. But one which the current generation of the
Phillips family is looking to uphold.

We have always been dedicated to produce consistent, high quality products to exceed the customer’s requirements. To compliment this, we have an efficient delivery service which aims to meet the needs of our clients.

The quarry site is approximately 645 metres above sea level. This provides a working temperature from below Zero degrees Celsius in winter to 50, degrees Celsius in summer. Rainfall can vary depending on the season from 70ml per day in winter to drought in summer.

The rock type is a Metamorphic Hornfels deposit; which is broken into two layers, weathered and fresh. The fresh Hornfels attributes are fine grained, very hard, high strength and wear resistant. These properties ensure performance satisfaction in road construction and sealing, concrete structural construction or any situation requiring a high quality, strong, durable material. It ranges in colour from blue, grey to black.

The fresh layer produces sealing aggregate, concrete and drainage aggregates, Class 1-2 and 3, crushed rock road base, decorative walling stone, spalls and Castella toppings. The weathered layer produces, 40-75 NDCR crushed rock, rubbles, beaching rock, B grade aggregates, and fill.

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Pug mill Wet mix or Cement Stabilised Road Base is available on request. A Full Delivery service is available. Pick up X Bin is welcomed. NO Trailers or Utilities will be loaded. All loads are
Weighbridge invoiced and sold by the tonne; Overloading of vehicles is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. We invite your inquiry and look forward to supplying your Quarry Rock requirements.

Castella Quarries has been a Member of the CMPA since 2004 and is grateful for the training, education and networking opportunities which are provided through the numerous workshops held each year.

The different reference points which are available within the association such as the Preferred Suppliers Manual and now the website are invaluable. Having the support of the CMPA to deal
with the OHS and regulatory issues of the industry on my behalf, allows me to get on with improving and growing my business.

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