CMPA Annual Report

By on May 14, 2013

GAVIN MOREIRA , Administration Officer, CMPA provides a summary of the CMPA Annual Report.

WE have had another year of challenges and some more changes at the CMPA. But overall it has been another great year of achievement for our industry. Here is a summation from the CMPA Annual Report.


Over the last year the CMPA has continued to represent and service the needs of Members. By providing advice, materials and advocacy to assist with: training, networking, occupational health and safety and industry-regulator relationships the CMPA, your Association, has sought to improve the performance and image of Extractive Industries in Victoria.

The CMPA has continued its advocacy work with the State Government and Opposition over the last twelve months, as we have always had an even approach to the way we consult. This has held us in good stead with both major Political Parties. We have been able to directly lobby our concerns, frustrations and ideas to any new Ministers and their most senior advisors.

Industry networking is also an important aspect of the work of the CMPA. Several workshops and training days were organised during the year by the CMPA to address key issues such as the Blast Management Plan and Industry Training needs into the future.

The CMPA Secretariat continues to represent Members views to Government on a whole range of issues, here is just some of the issues that have been worked on in the last year.

  • DPCD – Loddon Mallee South DRAFT Regional Growth Plan
  • DPCD – Reform of Victoria’s Environmental Impact Assessment System
  • EPA – Recommended Buffer Distances for Industrial Residual Air Emissions
  • DSE – Future Directions for native Vegetation in Victoria
  • Productivity Commission – Regulatory Impact Analysis Benchmarking

This is a sample of the submissions that have been made in the past twelve months. It is a credit to our small but extremely efficient secretariat and their advisors who compile very professional reports that are well regarded
amongst regulators.


The year has been full of positive energies driving greater interactive communication with the voting members and their Quarry Operational teams. The voting members have supported the initiatives by the Associates and this has encouraged more suppliers to become Associate members. This upswing in numbers of Associate members has shown a snowballing effect and now there is more open talk among Associates as to how to be mutually inclusive in the CMPA and create a true win win relationship with the Voting members.

With constant positive interaction, Associates have weathered the economic storm and are establishing more innovative ways to add value to their products and services to the Voting members. The economic downturn cannot be ignored but has been managed well with utilising the time for more training, plant maintenance, work process and documentation re-evaluations. As more real work activities are initiated by Government the Voting members would be ready to take it with the full back-up of the associates.

Among the key trainings included Cut Weld and Bend Materials, Work Safely/Conduct Local Risk Training, Maintain & Monitor Site Quality Standards, Sustainable Work Practices, Laboratory Based Acceptance Tests and Blast Management Plan.

This year’s Annual Dinner at Peppers The Sands Resort at Torquay is aligned with the AGM. It will showcase the increasing number of Associate Sponsors coming forward to make the event and related activities for members and their spouses very enjoyable and well deserved after a year’s hard work. Very special care and attention is taken to make it a memorable weekend of the year.

In leading the Associates group during the year, it has been my pleasure to work with the team of committed Associates with a simple expectation of planning ways to make the association with voting members more meaningful.

We have progressed in the right direction and will use the coming years to continue the efforts to gain momentum for consolidating the achievements. It is pleasing to see the team recommitting to another term of working together.

A full house for CMPA’s 2013 Annual General Meeting.


CMPA has continued to maintain its representation of members’ education and training requirements to government, peak training bodies, RTOs and other industry organizations.

Resource Development

Areas of educational activity in CMPA include the delivery of “Conduct Laboratory Based Acceptance Tests for Construction Materials” by Bendigo Regional Institute of TAFE (BRIT) which, along with the “Collect Routine Site Samples” course, meets the requirements for a unit of competency in the Certificate III.

The Future
The major event for 2013 was the Industry Employers and Education Workshop held in Attwood in February 2013. The aim was to look at the pathway forward for training services in the future.

In summary, we see that vocational training and assessment must be applicable to the real job the employee is being paid for. It must result in addressing our competency obligations and our production requirements.

As a result of this Workshop, an alternative targeted training program has been developed, “Conduct Haul Truck Operations”, which develops competency profiles from real job descriptions, see the article in Sand & Stone issue 69 “Focused Operator Training”. William Adams Institute of Training delivered the machine operated unit and Box Hill Institute of TAFE will deliver the remaining 5 or 6 units required from the RII09 package that provides training in the key competencies the operator requires on a day-to-day basis.

Additionally, CMPA is working with Manufacturing Skills Australia to develop further competency profiles from real job descriptions in other areas, for example, excavators etc.


As we reflect on a year that has provided all members with challenges be it operational or financial, the CMPA has continued to support its members and provide up to date information that is necessary for them to continue to run their businesses in a highly regulated industry. The ability to do this has come from a financially stable association that has the resources to invest back into the industry it represents for its members benefit.

With the 2013 financial year coming to an end the CMPA posted a handy profit for the period. The final profit was ahead of our budgeted profit for the year, this was mainly due to an increase in membership and advertising revenue.

The major source of income was membership subscriptions, with contributions from meetings and events, newsletter advertising and operator document sales. Revenue was higher than the previous year mainly due to an increase in Membership subscriptions and newsletter advertising.

The total cash held by the CMPA in its cash management account and its two cash maximiser accounts increased. These funds will be utilised in a manner to benefit its members and allow the association to have a strong presence in issues that are important to its members.

Employment expenses were the single largest expense in the period. This covered two full time employees and two part time employees.

Other expenses included publications, consultants and the cost of holding meetings and events. Total expenditure was marginally higher than last year.


Position Holders

The financial year just gone was a busy one with a number of changes occurring.

The first half of the year saw Bruce finalising a number of projects including the credit document, transport contract, review of the medical guidelines, and particularly assisting BRIT in getting the Certificate III unit Conduct Laboratory Based Acceptance Tests course up and running. These activities were in addition to the provision of submissions to the government and meeting with many different people and organisations.

In May, Bruce resigned his position as he accepted an offer to work with the Northern Grampians Shire as the Infrastructure Manager. After two and a half years in the position, he’s moving away from the extractive industries back into civil engineering.

After completing his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and Business, Sean spent a number of months finalising his work on the Conduct Blending & Mixing, Service &Maintain Crushers and Service & Maintain Conveyors Reference Manuals. After two and half years in the position, Sean has moved to his new position of Sales Engineer for his family’s business Kinder & Co.

Since May, the Secretariat has welcomed Dr Elizabeth Gibson to the team to fill Bruce’s role. She comes to the CMPA with a variety of experience as outlined in Sand & Stone issue 68. She has been visiting Member’s sites to gain an understanding of the industry over the last few months, and will no doubt be a valued member of the Secretariat.

Throughout the year, Gavin has continued to support all position holders and work with the Associate Members. His time and effort assisted in the smooth transition between Bruce and Elizabeth, and will no doubt ensure another enjoyable Annual Dinner for all.

This year a total of 13,756kms have been travelled and 46 Member’s have been visited. We would like to thank all our Members for hosting us.

Information Flow

Sand & Stone has continued as the primary source of keeping Members informed of the CMPA’s activities throughout 2012/13. The standard of the magazine is a testament to the hard work put into its design by Michelle Kerr, its publishers being Y Media, its many contributors especially those who present articles, and finally the advertisers who without the magazine would not be possible.

Once again, I would like to highlight the essential support received by the CMPA from our valued Associate Members whose continued support is greatly appreciated. We cannot stress how much this assists the association and I would again ask Voting Members in return to use the skills of our Associate Members when possible.

The CMPA Updates have continued to provide recipients a summary of recent industry specific accidents and incidents, along with information on upcoming events. The purpose of the updates is primarily to provide its readers with a summary of the incidents that have occurred across the state, nation and internationally to improve the state of knowledge in the industry.


Membership over the last financial year has remained relatively stable in numbers. We thank all our Members for their continued support and look forward to working with them over the coming year.

The CMPA regularly makes submissions to Government and other regulatory bodies when it believes an issue will have an effect on Members’ businesses.

Submissions are available on the CMPA website.

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