CMPA Annual Report

By on October 16, 2019

GAVIN MOREIRA, CMPA Member Services Manager, provides a summary of the CMPA Annual Report.

Chairperson’s Report – Garry Cranny

Following is a summary of the Chairperson’s report by Garry Cranny prepared by Dr Elizabeth Gibson.

The most important set of issues confronting the Extractive Industries sector remains those pertaining to the identification, security and certainty of access to Victoria’s abundant supply of extractive resources.

Anna Cronin the Commissioner for Better Regulation has just completed a second 6 monthly report against progress on the implementation of recommendations from her earlier review of Earth Resources Regulation (ERR) for the Minster for Resources, The Hon. Jaclyn Symes MP. Of primary concern to the State Government is that there is adequate supplies of quality sand, gravel and stone at affordable costs to meet the needs of its major infrastructure projects and separately, residential and employment development projects directly attributable to continued population growth. The demand for extractive resources is at an unprecedented high, such that it required a second survey in late 2018 on the Victoria’s supply side capacity of construction materials, with a report from DJPR/ERR due to
be released shortly.

A key Government development during the last 12 months was release of a Joint Ministerial Statement (JMS) titled “Extractive Resources – Rock Solid Foundations for Victoria’s Growth” between the Minister for Planning and the Minister for Resources (former – The Hon Tim Pallas MP). The JMS clearly outlines the Government’s commitment to protecting access to affordable extractive resources and to improving the planning and approvals processes, while ensuring a sensible balance is struck between
quarries and local communities.

OH&S remains a vital component of the sustainability and the employment risk profile attached to the extractive industries. All industry sector participants be they business colleagues, employees and in numerous instances, friends and relatives, should rightly have the expectation they will return safely home from their day’s work.

The CMPA will strengthen its endeavours to work hand-in-hand with Members, their employees and WorkSafe to continually improve safety in our work-places through the development of necessary educative tools, training, consultation and guidance.

Ongoing and future State and Federal Governments’ Extractive Industries sector regulatory reform are forecast to occupy a substantial part of the Association’s effort in the ensuing year.

The CMPA remains committed to supporting responsible, balanced legislation and community engagement that is in the best interests of the State while also appropriately acknowledging Victoria’s Aboriginal communities and cultural heritage.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and thank the Management Committee and the Secretariat for their diligent work and valued support throughout the year. My appreciation, on behalf of the Management Committee, is also extended to all of those Voting, Associate and Workforce Members who have actively participated in Association events throughout the year.

The CMPA (your Association) is founded and continues to rely on a sustained level of interest and participation across its various membership categories. Thank you for your support, interest and ongoing participation as Members of the CMPA. I look forward to further growth in numbers and Member interest to ensure the CMPA maintains its pre-eminent position as the most representative peak Extractive Industries association in Victoria.

Education Committee Report – Dr Elizabeth Gibson

CMPA has continued to maintain its representation of members’ education and training requirements to government, peak training bodies, RTOs and other industry organisations.

A number of educational events by CMPA were conducted throughout 2018/19:

  • Slimes Management workshop
  • Dust Management workshop
  • Fire Response & Readiness Management Plan and Pest Weed and Animal Management Plan workshops
  • General Meeting, presentations from the Commissioner for Better Regulation and VicRoads

The Future

The Secretariat is planning to hold workshops in:

  • November 2019 on Water Management Plan
  • February 2019 and May 2019 to be determined in consultation with Members: Service and Maintenance; Environmental Management Plan Template; Electricity Safety in Quarries; Heavy Vehicles and Legislation

Treasurer’s Report – John Pititto

With the 2018/19 financial year coming to an end I am pleased to present my Treasurer’s report on the Audited Financial Statements for the CMPA.

The association has seen an increase in total operating costs for the year, the increase in expenses was mainly related to higher employment costs, meeting expenses and newsletter expenditure.

Total Income was up on last year, above our budget expecations. This increase in revenue is manly due to the CMPA continuing to grow its membership base in both voting and associate members.

The major source of income was membership subscriptions, with contributions from meetings and events, newsletter advertising and operator document sales.

Employment expenses were the single largest expense in the period. This covered one full time employee and two part time employees. Other expenses included publications, consultants and the cost of holding meetings and events. Total expenditure was lower than last year.

We continue to see our members face challenging times with the ever changing legislative landscape with State and Local Government providing our industry with ongoing challenges. The CMPA is continuing to assist our members by allocating significant funds to provide support and legislative guidance to hopefully ease some of these burdens going forward. These
funds will be used to continue to support members of the CMPA
and to be a vocal voice in the industry.

We would also like to recoginise all the associate members that continue to be part of the CMPA and are still willing to support the association through membership renewals for the upcoming year.

Secretariat’s Report – Sarah Andrew

This year has seen the CMPA run many very successful events including four workshops and one general meeting with 149 people participating in these activities. We would like to thank all participants for their contribution.

Elizabeth and Gavin have continued in their respective roles with Elizabeth investing considerable time and energy representing the CMPA to Ministers, Shadow Ministers, advisers and senior public servants; and on the following committees:

  • Earth Resources Regulation Stakeholder Reference Group Steering Committee and associated working groups focused on resolving issues arising from the introduction of the risk based work plan, RRAMs, Public Reporting and a restructure in ERR that has led to a dramatic decrease in expertise and capability (especially in the approvals area).
  • The Extractive Industries Taskforce (Security of access to construction materials).
  • The Earth Resources Ministerial Advisory Committee (Provide strategic advice to the Minister on Earth Resources).

Gavin represents CMPA on:

  • The Earth Resources Tripartite Safety Committee (Chaired by WorkSafe)

Elizabeth, Gavin and Alissa have been supported in these duties by a number of Voting Members – their assistance is, as always, greatly appreciated and we look forward to their continued support and welcome any others who may be able to assist.

Ensuring that our Members remain in contact with the CMPA and their voice remains a priority. We would like to thank all our Members for their time and effort in hosting us and ensuring we have a better appreciation of your needs.

Information Flow

Sand & Stone continues to be the primary means of keeping Members informed of the CMPA’s activities throughout 2018/19. Newspaper House in Kilmore have continued to design Sand & Stone whilst Enviroprintgroup publish the magazine. We of course extend our sincerest thanks to Newspaper House; Sand & Stone’s many contributors, especially those who present articles for every edition, and those Associates who advertise
making the magazine possible.

CMPA Updates via Mail chimp have been distributed throughout the year keeping recipients informed of recent industry specific accidents and incidents, along with information on upcoming events. The purpose of the updates is primarily to provide its readers with a summary of the incidents which have occurred across the state, nation and internationally to improve the state of knowledge in the industry.


Membership over the last financial year have reached an all-time high, has remained relatively we have also welcomed a number of new members for the current financial year already. However, it should be noted that some Members have exit strategies in place due to the onerous requirements of ERR and referral authorities not being conducive to continuing in the market place. The Secretariat is determined to ensure that the future make-up of the industry will not be a decline in small to medium businesses.

We thank all our Members for their continued support and look forward to working with them over the coming year.

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