CMPA Associate Chairperson

By on October 16, 2019

Major Infrastructure Projects continue to increase demand on resources

JASON RUDGE, Manager of Major Accounts Quarry and Aggregates for William Adams.

The current financial year has seen a number of major projects get off the ground and a considerable increase in demand on resources continues for both Voting Members and Associates alike.

Whilst there is an increased positivity within the sector the approach to spending has been both calculated and responsible. Voting Members have continued to support the Associate members with business at every opportunity while keeping them competitive in the marketplace. This has also seen an increase in demand for the Associates.

While the current and expected future increase in demand remains, it is still important that the Associates continue to focus on providing Innovation, Technology and Productivity improvements to our products and services to provide the Voting Members with the best value proposition. The support from Voting Members to the Associate as a “Preferred Supplier” is greatly appreciated and well acknowledged.

The Field Training programs run by the CMPA in the regional areas continue to provide excellent interaction and business opportunities amongst the various attendees. They also show that the topics and speakers sourced by the CMPA are popular and relevant endorsed by the numbers attending the sessions.

Thank you to the Associates that continue to sponsor and support these sessions.

Sand & Stone magazine continues to provide an outlet for Associates to share new products and innovation for the benefit of the large reader base from various walks of the industry.

The CMPA’s Social Media platform continues to expand and I encourage you to add them to your LinkedIn feed.

We continue to evolve the CMPA website to make the portal easier to navigate and utilise as a “One Stop Shop” for members.

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