CMPA Member Questionnaire

By on September 29, 2006

During the weeks prior to the 2006 AGM, the Secretariat carried out its third Members questionnaire since the Association’s inception in 1999. This year’s phone contact reached 85 Voting Members to take a snap shot of their future activities and sought their comments on matters pertaining to their outlook on the CMPA and their business prospects and advise them of upcoming educational units.

CMPA AGM & Dinner 2006

It is encouraging to see the number of regional Members willing to travel to Keilor to enjoy a fun filled evening of quality food, drink, entertainment and networking.

Value of the CMPA

When asked if there were any outstanding issues the CMPA needs to address or something you need a hand with, many Members noted their satisfaction with the progress and support of the Association, see inset box “Value of the CMPA”.


“The quarry industry adds value and improves the surrounding environment and supplies project resources.”

“Industry has to articulate to those in power how serious the continuing burden of increased regulation is and that it is not sustainable. In the not too distant future, importing of quality quarry material to the major cities will come from China.”

“The CMPA is doing a fine job, especially in regards to their involvement with Government Departments. It would be impossible to do one on one.”

“I needed someone to give me direction.”

“It is important to ensure that the person’s we are supporting are working towards continued improvement.”

“The biggest problems are getting semi-skilled workers, rehabilitation bonds and native vegetation.”

“Vegetation considerations are forcing us to compromise our development.”

“Bond assessments are provocative — “You will” is not a conducive manner.”

“We have a lease that has taken 14 years to get through.”

“It is just a nightmare, the system must be changed, it’s just no good. Its taken 2 years to get a Work Authority variation through, pushing a small business out of the market.”

“We will have planning issues in the near future. Since the change to the planning process in 1999 we are anticipating an increased amount of lost time to achieve the same end.”

“The DPI has lost control of our licensing system. They do not have the teeth they used to.”

“Everything is getting top heavy, our money for quarrying material is being siphoned off for office duties.”

“Dust will become a more prominent issue.”

“Concern regarding the potential loss of the inspectorate.”

“Length of approval processes for leases and Work Authorities.”

“The CMPA has been able to help with everything we need.”

“Contractual concerns regards supply of materials.”

“Skills of new workers.”

Capital Works Over Next Year

Almost 50% of Members indicated that they will be undertaking business expansion in the next year.

Capital expenditure by Members over the next 12 months will reach approximately $88 million. Members noted the amount of private capital activity could be improved by a more receptive approach by Government agencies to our industry.

Those considering expansion were questioned as to difficulties arising from areas such as planning policies, EPA restrictions, local council restrictions, Work Authority variations/applications turnaround, indigenous affairs and native vegetation. The majority of Members who had undertaken expansion in the past indicated that they had been affected by these issues.

Overall, the major issues were:

  • Turn-around time for Work Authorities (Up to six years)
  • Restrictions placed upon businesses by local councils
  • Issues with Native Vegetation

Safety Audits—CMPA Consultant

Members were asked to consider the engagement of a consultant for Members to utilise to conduct confidential safety reviews of their sites at a minimal cost.

Of those Members to which this question was applicable, in excess of 88% considered it of benefit.

Competency of Quarry Managers

Members were asked to consider the development of a guideline document to assist in the evaluation of competency of Quarry Managers.

Of those to which this question was applicable, in excess of 98% saw it as appropriate to move forward with.

Vocational Training—Certificate II & III in Extractive Industries

Members were advised of new Certificate II and III units being developed and sought their interest.

  • Service & Handover Front End Loader (98)
  • Working at Heights (71)
  • Crushing & Screening units (98)
  • Running safety meetings (34)

Overall, questionnaire responses were very positive and we thank the Voting Members who have participated in the survey for their time and responses.

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