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By on November 27, 2018

Benefits of the Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual

The CMPA Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual 2019 will be delivered in early December to all members, Voting, Honorary Voting, Associate and Workforce.

The manual provides you with a page of detailed information on your CMPA Preferred Suppliers in words and photos as well as Voting Members who may have machinery, mobile plant or trucks for hire. It also includes emergency contacts, the organisational structure of the CMPA, useful industry websites, listing of all CMPA products and support documents (including those under development) such as reference manuals, field documents and business tools.

Thank you to the members below who provided advertising in the Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual, your support is greatly appreciated.


Wall Planner 2019
As we are nearing the end of 2018, this issue of Sand & Stone includes the CMPA Wall Planner for 2019. This will be the eighth year it has been printed and distributed. The Secretariat would like to thank the Members below who have contributed to the publication of the Wall Planner:


SEPP (Waters)

The State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) has been published in the Victorian Government Gazette Special Gazette Number S499 on 23rd October 2018. The SEPP (Waters) now formally replaces SEPP (Groundwaters of Victoria) and SEPP (Waters of Victoria) (including all schedules). A copy of the SEPP (Waters) is available via

The DELWP and EPA websites will be updated to reflect the new SEPP (Waters) and provide supporting documents.

While SEPP (Waters) is now Victorian policy, DELWP and EPA Victoria are working together on the Subordinate Legislation Reform Project to deliver consolidated regulations and Environment Reference Standards that will support the new preventative framework for environment and human health protection that comes into effect in 2020.

However, EPA recognises that some matters will have been significantly progressed with reference to the previous SEPP (Waters of Victoria) or SEPP (Groundwaters of Victoria) at the time SEPP (Waters) was gazetted (

With this in mind, until 19th January 2019, EPA will, in certain circumstances, allow the following matters to be completed with reference to SEPP (Waters of Victoria) and SEPP (Groundwaters of Victoria), rather than SEPP (Waters).

  • Environmental audits conducted or being conducted under Part IXD of the Act for auditor review and the auditor is of the opinion that reliance on previous policies would not pose an unacceptable risk; or
  • Environmental site assessment or hydrogeological assessment where no auditor is involved and reliance on previous policies is based on appropriate regulations and Environment Reference justification in the final report.

These matters must have been substantially progressed as at 19th October 2018. The auditor or assessor must also discuss their approach with EPA prior to completing their audit or assessment.

Legislative Scoping Group

A Legislative Scoping Group has been formed from industry representatives including Dr Elizabeth Gibson; Peter Betson (Deputy Secretary), Resources Division policy staff; and Anna Cronin (Commissioner for Better Regulation/Red Tape). The Group has met twice and has been encouraged to scope the earth resources legislation prior to the election to ensure that momentum will be maintained once the new government is elected.

The first stage is linked to the Declared Mine Land Authority Bill (which did not get passed in the upper house in 2018 due to running out of time) giving rise to a window of opportunity to tack on additional legislative changes in a revised MRSD Amendment Bill. The second part is to develop a new Bill (Act) that will be centered around a general duty of responsibility similar to the revised Environment Protection (EP) Act and the general duty of care.

Innovative Post-Closure Quarry Workshop

The recently released Extractive Resources Strategy highlights the role that innovative post-quarrying land uses can play in enhancing amenity and lifestyle of local communities, as evidenced across Australia and beyond. The workshop will bring together experts in a range of fields to discuss:

  • Current quarry rehabilitation requirements
  • End use constraints
  • Innovative solutions
  • Strategic planning
  • Potential program and partnership opportunities

Dr Elizabeth Gibson will be presenting and there will be a number of CMPA Members attending.


  • Site visits to members and potential members, Central and West Victoria, G Moreira.
  • Round table meeting on the future management of our forests, DELWP, G Moreira.
  • Extractive Resources Taskforce (supply and demand), Melbourne, E. Gibson.
  • Earth Resources Policy and Programs, Legislative Scoping Group, Melbourne, E. Gibson.
  • VPELA seminar, “A new approach to earth resource regulation – raw materials to support Victoria’s growth”, Melbourne, E. Gibson.
  • Slimes Management Workshop, Geelong area (Site Visit to Local Mix Quarries, Moriac).
  • Extractive IRC (Federal education), Sydney (funded by Government), E. Gibson.
  • ERR Stakeholder Reference Group meeting, Melbourne, E. Gibson.
  • VicRoads/CMPA Technical Committee meeting, Epping, M. Wagner (Conundrum Holdings), C. James (E. B. Mawson & Sons), B. Payne (Quarry Crete), E. Gibson, G. Newman (VicRoads).
  • Management Committee Meeting, Kilmore Tennis Club, Kilmore.
  • Funeral of Peter Barro of Barro Group, Carlton.


The biggest event on the CMPA calendar is only nine months away.

Annual Dinner and AGM 2019

An early reminder to put the new date in your diary for next year as we have gone forward about three weeks chasing warmer weather.


Saturday, 14th September 2019


Annual General Meeting:    5.00pm
Possible Trade Show:    5.00pm
Pre-dinner drinks:    5.30pm
Annual Dinner:    6.30pm


Conference & Events Centre, Vibe Hotel,  Marysville


Vibe Hotel,  Marysville






Potential Activities:

  • Winery Tour
  • Steavenson Falls trip via mini bus

Sponsorship Packages to be emailed to members in early December 2018.

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