CMPA News (Issue 104)

By on June 4, 2019

Member Visits to South and East Gippsland

The Member Services Manager, Gavin Moreira visited members in South and East Gippsland. A five day trip spread out over two weeks in April 2019. This was one of a number of field trips planned this year to cover as many districts as possible throughout the state.

The field trips are designed to allow members to discuss first hand issues they may have with current operations, development or planning and what options or assistance the CMPA can provide.

He was able to bring members up to date on what the Association is currently working on, such as issues affecting our industry, what we are doing about them, submissions to Government, and Industry meetings with Government and other bodies.

The latest range of CMPA publications were presented including the updated CMPA guidelines on Guarding and Traffic Management and flyers on the Dust Workshop and General Meeting were also distributed.

If the opportunity arises, he also calls on potential members to discuss the advantages of becoming a member of the CMPA.

The following operations and contacts were called on during the five day tour.

  • Fulton Hogan – Damian Vardy
  • JH Cuthbertson – Peter Cuthbertson and Johnny Persico
  • LV Blue Metal – Ross Kennedy and Warwick Palmer
  • K&RJ Matthews Quarries – Jason Comben
  • Cowarr Quarries – Graham McKay
  • Bairnsdale Road Services – Grant Emmett
  • Eastern Quarries – Dennis Crane
  • Casacir – Stephen Bennett and David Jeffrey
  • Bairnsdale Quarries – Richard Brownlow
  • Glencoe Lime – Graham Heywood
  • Gippsland Concrete Recyclers – Duane Brown
  • Peninsula Quarries – Jo Murray
  • Burdett Sands – Andrew Burdett
  • South Gippsland Quarries – Robert Knox
  • De Merlo Contractors – Tanya and Paul Eygenraam
  • Prosper Valley Enterprises – David O’Brien
  • Maryvale Sands – Jason Hunter
  • Latrobe Valley Sands – Chris Blackwood

The Secretariat would like to thank all of the members for giving us their time and for showing Gavin around their sites.

New Associate Members

Since the Preferred Supplier manual for 2019 was designed and printed we have had some new Associate Members join. Moving forward, at the end of each month we will email you the information sheets of each new member.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could print copies of the pages and file it with your current hardcopy of the Preferred Suppliers Manual.

Please welcome the following new Associate members to the Association:

Gendio Weighing – Weighbridges
PACCAR Australia – Truck manufacturer
Porter Equipment Australia – Construction Equipment
Statewide Bearings – Bearing and Power Transmission products
WEG Australia – Electric Motors
Weir Minerals Australia – Crushing & Screening Plants

Publications Update – New protocol

One of the key Statements of Purpose of the CMPA’s existence is to “Act as a resource and provide support to Members through the delivery of cost savings and assistance in complying with legal obligations.”

The development to date of six Guidelines – Blast Management Template, Guarding, Noise, Dust, Traffic Management and Working Safely with Geotechnical Risk in Quarries have provided Members with a major benefit in being able to meet the requirements of the Victorian Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Act 2004 and the Victorian OHS Regulations 2017.

They also establish a guide for industry best practices when:

  • Sourcing information for establishing and applying for a Work Plan;
  • Planning and establishing quarry infrastructure
  • Conducting drill and blast activities;
  • Establishing Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and/or Safe Work Procedures (SWP) to guide employees and contractors that are potentially exposed to geotechnical or quarry infrastructure hazards in their working role and working environment;
  • Providing resource materials for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) conducting training in surface extraction operations;
  • Providing resource materials to our community who may be seeking information with regards to how CMPA Members and other construction material processors conduct their surface extraction operations.

These six guidelines and future updates are now available to members for FREE electronically via the Members Area of the CMPA website.

With limited information available on these extractive industry areas they are also being made available to the public now in a read only pdf at

The CMPA is keen to “show its commitment to the viability of the industry, to the community in which we exist and to demonstrate leadership and a sense of direction for the industry.” These are all key areas of our Statement of Purpose as an association.


  • Meeting with the Minister for Resources, Jaclyn Symes MP at the CMPA offices in Kilmore along with Anthony Hurst from ERR, Adam Olive the Senior Advisor to the Minister, G. Cranny, J. Mawson, R. Kerr and E. Gibson
  • Meeting with Helen Foard, Lead Extractives Group DJPR, Supply and Demand survey in Melbourne, E. Gibson
  • Meeting with Raymond Deegan and Matthew Worrall, VCCI in Kilmore, G. Moreira
  • Extractive Industry Taskforce, Resources (DJPR) in Melbourne, E. Gibson
  • Meeting with John Krbaleski, Acting Head Resources, DJPR in Melbourne E. Gibson
  • Development of ERR (DJPR) Geotechnical guideline workshop, Melbourne B. Natoli, E. Gibson
  • Extractive IRC meeting, Federal Education, Teleconference, E. Gibson
  • Site Visits to Members in East and South Gippsland, G Moreira
  • Meeting with Jane Burton, Acting Executive Director Earth Resources Policy and Programs, DJPR in Melbourne E. Gibson
  • Victorian Civil Construction Industry Alliance meeting with Geoff Browne Lead Ombudsman – Small Business with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), E. Gibson
  • Meeting with ACE Corporate Apparel in Campbellfield regarding new CMPA uniforms, E. Gibson and G. Moreira


Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner in Marysville is now just over three months away and will be a celebration of 20 years of the CMPA.

The invitations are being finalised and will be sent out in June 2019. Last minute sponsors are being approached along with members wanting to participate in a potential Trade Show.

The entertainment has all been organised and booked, whilst activities for the weekend are being investigated to make your weekend away even more spectacular.

The Secretariat has all rooms on hold at the VIBE Hotel for our annual event, but it’s very important to book early so you avoid missing out. We would like to see all rooms sold to CMPA Members and guests to enough we have full access to the entire venue.

Saturday, 14th September 2019

Conference & Events Centre, VIBE Hotel, Marysville

4.00pm for potential Trade Show
5.00pm for AGM
5.30pm for Pre-Dinner drinks
6.30pm for Dinner

$160 per person

To register your interest please contact the Secretariat 03 5781 0655.

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