CMPA News (Issue 109)

By on April 7, 2020

Service & Maintenance Workshop – POSTPONED

A substantial day was planned for CMPA Members and other interested industry contributors at William Adams, Sunshine West but due to COVID-19 it has been postponed to later in the year.

The CMPA and a number of Associate members will hold this workshop to provide operators with an understanding of how to properly maintain components of their fixed plant to ensure they are running to the best of their ability.

This one-day workshop is an interactive process which encourages the active involvement of the participants rather than a lecture session.

Presentations to be included are:

AVWELD/Alloys International presentation on repairs and life extension to high wearing equipment. Welding and patch repair consumables.

HMA Flow & Industrial presentation on maintenance of drive systems (gear boxes, belt drives, electric motors and bearings).

Oli Vibrators and ToThink Engineering (Aust) presentation on preventative maintenance including vibrators and vibrating screens.

Lunch to be held at AVWELD/Alloys International followed by a site tour of the factory and workshop. HMA Flow & Industrial will do a demonstration of a vibration analysis tool before attendees return to William Adams for a tour of their workshop and presentation on Contamination Control.

Keep a look out for further information when a new date is set for the workshop.

Associate Committee Meeting

On 24th February 2020 the first CMPA Associate Committee Meeting was held for the year at the office of Oli Vibrators, Scoresby. Thank you to Mark Thompson of Oli Vibrators.

The meeting was opened by Associate Chairperson Jason Rudge (William Adams).

The first topic on the agenda was the 2020 AGM & Annual Dinner to be held this year at Hyatt Place in Essendon Fields. Discussions were based around sponsorship, trade displays and entertainment for the night.

Matters then turned to potential locations in regional Victoria for the 2021 event.

The next six issues of Sand & Stone for 2020 were discussed and so too was the importance of Associate member contributions in the form of editorials, advertorials and staff profiles.

Associates to provide articles that look at new technologies, innovations or products or services that reduce costs and improve efficiencies for the quarries.

The committee was impressed to see the magazine was now at 40 pages with an increase in advertising the driving force behind the change. A focus for the year is still on new associates writing articles on their businesses and expanding the new job opportunities page.

The CMPA online presence and community engagement messages about “Quarries Building Communities” will look to grow in the coming months with the development of a series of videos throughout the year.

Annual Dinner 2020

The CMPA AGM and Dinner is now less than six months away. It is one of the best industry events of the year – definitely not one to miss. This year we are back in the metro area at Hyatt Place, Essendon Fields and it’s shaping up to be another spectacular event.

In light of the COVID-19 crisis a decision will be made by the end of June if the event is to be postponed or potentially cancelled for 2020.

The AGM will still be held.

Arrangements and bookings are presently being made for the evening’s entertainment and for dinner.

Sponsorship opportunities have commenced, Associates are moving quickly and are committing to the event. Remember, this is an exceptional opportunity to promote your business, support your fellow CMPA members and network in a hassle-free atmosphere.

Thank you to the following Associates for their sponsorship:

Don’t risk missing all the fun. If you haven’t already put this date in your diary – do so NOW.

Further details will be revealed in the next issue of Sand & Stone.

Management Committee Meeting

The first Management Committee meeting for the year was held on 26 February 2020 in Kilmore. The attendees from the Management Committee were Garry Cranny (Chair), Jason Rudge (Associate Chair), John Pititto (Treasurer), John Mawson, Jason Comben, Anthony Bateup and Ron Kerr.

Apologies were from Basil Natoli (Deputy Chair), Andrew Burdett, Drew Phillips, Tim Bird.

Prior to the meeting commencing discussions were held with Martin Bucchorn from Tide Post Production on producing an informative video for stakeholders on the extractive industry.

Preparations for the 2020/21 budget were discussed. A summary of accounts to 31 January 2020 was unanimously approved by the Management Committee.

The Secretariat advised that their new office from the middle of March 2020 will now be 15 Anvil Avenue, Kilmore but will still have the same postal address, telephone and fax number.

The Earth Resources Regulation Rehabilitation Strategy was discussed and everyone present were concerned for the future of the extractive industry.

The CMPA currently requires a new Chairperson to be voted in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September 2020. Garry Cranny, the current incumbent retires after two terms of 3 years at the AGM. So, if any Voting Member is interested in becoming Chairperson or a Management Committee Member look out for a nominations email in June 2020 or contact the Secretariat.


The CMPA would like to extend an invitation to all Members and interested industry parties to attend a General Meeting by video conference.

General Meeting

This is an opportunity to provide your input into the new Environmental Guidelines Manslaughter Laws Employers responsibilities:

  • Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 – From 1 July 2020, EPA will have increased powers to prevent harm to public health and the environment from pollution and waste.
  • Workplace manslaughter laws – From 1 July 2020 the Workplace Safety Legislation Amendment (Workplace Manslaughter and other matters) Bill 2019 is expected to come into effect on a day to be proclaimed or, at the latest, 1 July 2020.

Date: Thursday 21st May 2020
Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm

Annual Dinner 2020

Date: Saturday 12th September 2020
Location: Hyatt Place, Essendon Fields
Time: 5.00pm for AGM and Trade Show 5.30pm for Pre-Dinner drinks 6.30pm for Dinner
Cost: $160 per person

To register your interest please contact the Secretariat 03 5781 0655.


  • Meeting was held with Grace de la Lande Minister of Resources adviser in Melbourne, E. Gibson
  • Meeting was held with Linda Bibby (Director Policy) regarding the Extractive Industry Regulations, Kilmore, E. Gibson
  • Extractive IRC (federal education) was held in Brisbane (Federal government funds travel) attended by E. Gibson
  • ERR stakeholder reference group meeting was held in Melbourne, E. Gibson
  • Extractive IRC teleconferences were held on Construction material testing and Geotechnical risk in quarries, E. Gibson
  • Meeting was held with Helen Foard Earth Resources DJPR regarding stakeholder engagement, Melbourne, E. Gibson
  • WorkSafe Victoria workshop was held on the Prevention of Silicosis in Flemington attended by E. Gibson
  • Victorian Planning and Environmental Law Association (VEPLA) held a workshop on Net Community Benefit in Melbourne attended by E. Gibson
  • Worksafe Victoria, Earth Resources Tripartite Safety (ERTS) forum was held in Melbourne attended G. Moreira
  • Teleconference was held with John Krbaleski, Head Resources, DJPR attended by E. Gibson
  • EPA Construction and Infrastructure Reference Group teleconference was held attended by E. Gibson

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