CMPA News (Issue 81)

By on July 30, 2015

Recent Events

  • Meeting with Andrew Radojkovic and Duncan Perdrigh, DEDJTR, Melbourne, Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting with Jamin Moon Senior Adviser, Aboriginal Heritage Legislation and Policy, DPC to discuss CMPA’s submission to the Aboriginal Heritage Act Amendment Bill Exposure Draft, Melbourne, Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Extractives Industry Task Force, DEDJTR, Melbourne, Elizabeth Gibson.
  • VicRoads (Graeme Newman,  Sven Scheppokat)/CMPA technical  committee meeting, Mark Wagner (Conundrum Holdings), Craig James (E. B. Mawson and Sons), Bill Payne Quarry Crete and Elizabeth Gibson.
  • VicRoads/CCAA Strategic Liaison Committee meeting, Kew, Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting with David McKelvie DMcK Management to scope the Safe Working Distances from Quarry Faces Guideline, Kilmore, Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting with Petina Thompson, NATA, Abbotsford; Mark Wagner Conundrum Holdings and Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting with Ross McGowan, Executive Director Earth Resources Regulation DEDJTR, Melbourne Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Earth Resources Steering Committee, DEDJTR, Melbourne, Elizabeth Gibson.
  • ERTS Forum, Melbourne, Gavin Moreira.
  • Extractives Supply and Demand study meeting with DEDJTR, Ron Kerr (Conundrum Holdings) and Elizabeth Gibson.
  • VCCIA meeting, presentation by The Hon Greg Hunt, Federal Minister for the Environment, Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting with Phil Roberts DEDJTR and Elizabeth Gibson regarding  legislative developments.

Membership Renewals

All Members would have received their renewals for 2015/16. It would be greatly appreciated if the application form can be completed and sent back via email, fax or mail. We do require the form to be completed for our records. Once the paperwork has been received a tax invoice will be issued.
Associates intending to advertise in the August/September issue are required to complete the form as soon as possible as the deadline for advertising in this issue is 27 August 2015. Thank you to the CMPA members who have already renewed for the 2015/16 financial year.

2015/16 PSGRIM

The CMPA Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual 2015/16 is currently being produced with the intention of delivering the manual to members by the end of August 2015.

For all associates, the membership renewal form includes your company industry details, this is the information that is in the Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual. Please ensure all content is correct for publishing. Renewal of advertising in the manual must be paid for in full before advertisements will be included.

There is also an option of having colour logos and photo’s placed on your page to brighten up your page and to make your business stand out from the crowd. The total cost for the extras is $20.00. Please advise on the renewal form if you would like to take up this option. Thank you to the members who are already advertising in the Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual, your support is greatly appreciated.

Associate Site Visits

The last few weeks in May 2015 saw Gavin Moreira the Member Services Manager visit eight Associate Members in the Central and Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

The field trips are designed to allow members to discuss first hand issues that they may have with their current operations, development or planning and what options or assistance the CMPA can provide. We also use these visits to obtain feedback from members on Sand & Stone, CMPA Website, Preferred Suppliers Reference Manual and the Annual Dinner.

Thank you to the following Associates for giving us their time.

Lab Tech Training
Nationally recognised training for Laboratory Operations

Independent Cement & Lime
Supplier of cement, supplementary cement and lime products

Australian Reliance
Insurance programs, support and advice

CLH Lawyers
Legal services including debt recovery, litigation and insolvency solutions

Corporate Finance
Finance for machinery, cars and capital raising

Finlease (Aust.)
Specialised equipment finance and brokering services

Upstream Solutions
Managed print services and document workflow solutions

Valenza Engineering
Environmental hydrogeology and groundwater engineering

Management Committee Meeting

The Management Committee meeting was held on 20 May 2015 at the Kingswood Golf Club, Dingley Village. Garry Cranny (Chairperson), Andrew Burdett, Tim Bird, John Pititto (Treasurer) and David Eldridge attended.

Firstly, a presentation was given by Andrew Radojkovic, Bessie Abbott and Tina Thompson from the Earth Resources Regulator (DEDJTR) on the proposed electronic risk based Work Plan form that is detailed later on in this issue.

A financial report was given by John Pititto which indicated that the end of financial year budget should be met. Discussion then centred on next financial year where Voting Member membership fees were scheduled to increase by 2.5% (they increased by 2.5% in 2014/15) and Associate Member  membership fees were increased by 5%  (there were no increases in 2014/15). The Business Plan for 2015/16 was  accepted and included some new initiatives being proposed such as: Safe Working Distances from Quarry Faces guideline; CMPA Safety Checklists – electronic documents (pdf, app.) for ipads or smartphones to be developed; First Aid Training; Workshop on Chain of Responsibility; Workshop on developing a Drugs and Alcohol policy for your work place; Workshop on developing a Return to Work policy; Workshop on Bullying and Communication in the workplace; Development of guidelines for Dust  Management, Fire Management and Delivery & Unloading Materials.




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