CMPA News (Issue 94)

By on October 4, 2017

Membership Renewals 

All Members have received their renewals for 2017/18. We have had a fantastic response to date, for those who haven’t responded as yet it would be greatly appreciated if the application form can be completed and sent back via email, fax or post. We do require the form to be completed for our records. Once the paperwork has been received a tax invoice will be issued.  Thank you to the CMPA members who have already renewed for the 2017/18 financial year.

Wall Planner

As we approach the final quarter of 2017, the Secretariat is now preparing the 2018 CMPA Wall Planner. This will be the seventh year it has been printed and distributed.  An email was sent to all Members requesting advertising for the planner. We have had a fantastic response, but there are still a few spots available to be taken up.

Please email the Secretariat at: with your ads ASAP.  It will be folded and inserted in the October / November issue of Sand & Stone but unfolded copies can be ordered and printed as well.

Management Committee Meeting

The CMPA Management Committee meeting was held in Kilmore on 23 August 2017 and was preceded by a meeting with Peter Betson Deputy Secretary, Earth Resources DEDJTR where there was an opportunity for CMPA Members (an invitation was sent out to all CMPA Voting Members and ten attended) to raise issues of concern. Peter kindly said he would supply a report.

The issues raised included risk based work plans; the decline of experience and qualified staff in the Earth Resources Regulator; rehabilitation and rehabilitation bonds; over regulation of the extractive industry; native vegetation issues; and aboriginal heritage. The ability of CMPA Members to raise their concerns was much appreciated and Peter Betson was thanked for his attendance.

The Management Committee Meeting attended by Tim Bird (Acting Chairperson), Tej Panesar (Associate Chairperson), Drew Phillips, John Pititto (Treasurer) and Anthony Bateup commenced after a short presentation by Martin Oakley of Niskin Enterprises on the CMPA Project Review of  VCAT decisions (article in this issue).

The meeting covered the formalities for the Annual General Meeting 2017 including financial reports and the Annual Dinner. Discussion was then had around the following submissions:
• Draft Extractive Industry Guidance Notes for Local Council;
• Possible Reforms to Mineral Resources (Sustainable Development) Act 1990. A number of possible reforms were proposed and submitted to DEDJTR as well as to the Commissioner for Better Regulation;
• Draft “Preparation and Approval of Work Plans and Work Plan Variations using RRAM: Guideline for Extractive Industry Projects”;
• Questions submitted to Public Accounts and Estimates Committee 2017. An update and subsequent discussion was held on Earth Resources Regulation– Continuous Improvement Program.

The new Associates Chairperson was also introduced to the Management Committee: Jason Rudge (William Adams).

The next Management Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 22 November in Kilmore.

Associate Committee Meeting

On 23rd August, 2017 the CMPA Associate Committee held its third meeting for the year at the Kilmore Tennis Club. Tej Panesar (TSP Group) opened the meeting, thanked the committee and
handed the reigns over to the incoming Associate Chairperson Jason Rudge (William Adams).

The 2017-18 Associate Committee comprises:














Discussions were had around the Value of Membership and the need to keep pursuing quarries and extractive industry suppliers to become members. Elizabeth Gibson updated the committee on what the CMPA was doing in terms of the Policy & Special Issues Fund. This included the current VCAT Project the CMPA was undertaking.

The Associate Committee are happy to support the CMPA and its members in lobbying government on whatever road the Secretariat and Management Committee choose to tackle the ongoing issues.

An update was provided on the upcoming Annual Dinner to be held on Saturday 16th September 2017 at The Pier, Geelong. As well as looking forward to the 2018 Annual Dinner to be held on Saturday 25th August 2018 at The Australian Events Centre in Essendon Fields.

The growth, changes and development of  Sand & Stone was discussed and so too was the importance of Associate member contributions in the form of editorials, advertorials and staff profiles.

Associates to provide articles that look at new technologies, innovations or products or services that reduce costs and improve efficiencies for the quarries. This will not only help keep the content interesting for all readers but publically advertise your business. An integral part of being a member of an association is to be able to communicate to other members what you are all about and what you can offer to help grow each other’s businesses. Successful businesses can only benefit the industry in the long run.

Associates see the CMPA website and social media site LinkedIn as being pivotal tools in the coming year to increase brand awareness for their businesses. The website NEWS section is being updated weekly by the Secretariat and includes past meetings, safety updates and Associate or Voting Member information. The ability to register and pay for the Annual Dinner, workshops and Membership renewals online is a key item that needs to occur in
the current financial year.


• Site Visits to Member and Potential Member Quarries in the North of Melbourne, E Gibson and G Moreira
• Meeting with Anna Cronin (Commissioner for Better Regulation) and Nick Ford (DEDJTR) at Northern Quarries, Epping, E Gibson
• Extractive Industry Forum in Melbourne attended by R Kerr, S Andrew and E Gibson
• Earth Resources Stakeholder Reference Group meeting, Melbourne, E Gibson
• DEDJTR ERR Policy rapid policy co-design workshop, Melbourne, attended by R. Kerr, E. Gibson
• Associates and Management Committee meetings were held in Kilmore
• Extractive Industry Reference Committee (Education, Federal), Melbourne, E. Gibson
• Extractive Industry Taskforce, (DEDJTR), Melbourne, E. Gibson
• IQA Women’s networking lunch, Port Melbourne. Attended by E. Gibson
• Earth Resources Ministerial Advisory Council, Melbourne, E. Gibson
• CMPA Annual Dinner and AGM held at The Pier, Geelong

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