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By on December 7, 2017

Benefits of the Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual

The CMPA Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual 2018 will be delivered in late December / early January to all members, Voting, Honorary Voting, Associate and Workforce.

The manual provides you with a page of detailed information on your CMPA Preferred Suppliers in words and photos as well as Voting Members who may have machinery, mobile plant or trucks for hire. It also includes emergency contacts, the organisational structure of the CMPA, useful industry websites, listing of all CMPA products and support documents (including those under development) such as reference manuals, field documents and business tools.

Thank you to the members below who provided advertising in the Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual, your support is greatly appreciated.

  • Coverforce Broking Victoria               
  • Chadwick Geotechnics
  • CJ Ham & Murray                                   
  • Crushing Equipment
  • Finlease (Australia)                               
  • Flexco, Groeneveld Australia
  • Gulf Western Oil                                      
  • Indeco Australia
  • Independent Cement & Lime             
  • Kinder Australia
  • Lab Tech Training                                  
  • Landmark Contracting
  • Lincom Group                                         
  • Mead Partners (Chartered Accountants)
  • MSC Group                                               
  • Nevett Ford Melbourne
  • Oli Vibrators                                            
  • Onetrak
  • Orica Australia (Quarry Services)  
  • Sequel Victoria
  • Terex Jaques                                           
  • Walsh Group
  • WAM Australia                                       
  • William Adams

ERR – CIP Project

The following is the Earth Resources Regulation (ERR) Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) progress update from Anna Cronin, Commissioner for Better Regulation.

The CIP team has been working to prepare briefings for the new Minister for Resources. Minister Pallas originally commissioned Anna to undertake the CIP project at Minister Noonan’s request, so he is already familiar with the aims of the project.

Processing of applications on hand in ERR is progressing well. In particular, the number of licensing variation/applications sitting with ERR has been almost halved (from 190 down to 99) since CIP commenced. Although the volume of incoming applications has been increasing in recent weeks, the number on hand is expected to continue decreasing. The speed with which they are processed is also poised to increase with the commencement of additional specialists this week, who are focused on expediting more complex applications.

Renewed engagement with senior co-regulator executives has been enabled with the establishment of the Earth Resources Approvals Co-ordination Group, resulting already in an improved understanding between ERR and the regulatory authorities. Preparations are already underway to maintain momentum and an outcomes focus for the Group’s next meeting in late October.

Work to distill CIP findings and consolidate recommendations is ramping up ahead of the final report submission date of 30 October 2017. With the CIP actions outlined in previous updates already underway, arrangements for maintaining momentum are in train. This includes the establishment of a CIP implementation team to ensure that changes are embedded into ongoing ERR operations.

Anna will be providing an article, including recommendations in the next issue of Sand & Stone.

Meeting with the Secretary of DEDJTR

Mark Wagner (Conundrum Holdings) and Dr Elizabeth Gibson (CMPA) met with Richard Bolt Secretary of DEDJTR and Peter Betson (Deputy Secretary, Resources) on 12 October 2017. The meeting with CMPA was to highlight the challenges facing small to medium sized businesses in the extractive industry. An introduction to the CMPA was given along with the previous issue of Sand & Stone where the Chairperson’s speech at the Annual Dinner 2017 was referred to.

The work plan approval process was discussed. It was pointed out that whilst the process is convoluted, the major issue experienced is with gaining Planning Permit approval by Local Planning Authorities (LPA).

  • LPAs are taking on areas in which they have no experience (such as blast management plans) and requiring excessive expenditure on consultants for work that has already been conducted in the work plan endorsement process.

Risk based work plans were discussed with concerns raised about the cost imposts to the extractive industry. A copy of the CMPA’s letter “Financial impacts of risk based work plans” was given. Richard stated that the work plans should be fit for purpose and proportional to size and complexity of the proposed quarry/variation. He also agreed with the statement that where the hazard is well characterised such as noise then a statement that the proponent will comply to the standard controls should suffice without having to resort to expensive noise modelling and consultant reports.

Legal advice has recently been received by Peter Betson that the existing entitlements in the Work Plan and on the Planning Permit cannot be overridden by LPAs or referral authorities in transitioning to a risk based Work Plan.

Encroachment on Work Authorities’ buffer zones through rezoning (industry/residential use) by LPAs is a critical issue for Work Authority holders.

It was pointed out that an additional 1 million tonnes per annum construction material was required to keep pace with demand. Richard Bolt expressed concern that this figure was not being monitored for new Work Plans/Work Plan variations.

Earth Resources Policy and Programs is initiating a pilot program to identify and protect strategic extractive resource areas: one regional and one peri-urban LPA. The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) was mentioned with the issue raised of precinct structure plans ignoring the current Extractive Industry Interest Areas. A change in CEO at the VPA may elicit progress in this area.

The findings of the CMPA VCAT project were also discussed.

Wall Planner 2018

As we are nearing the end of 2017, this issue of Sand & Stone includes the CMPA Wall Planner for 2018. This will be the seventh year it has been printed and distributed. The Secretariat would like to thank the Members below who have contributed to the publication of the Wall Planner:

  • Access Environmental Systems
  • CK Prowse & Associates
  • Crushing Equipment
  • Finlay Screening & Crushing  Systems
  • Mineral Washing Systems
  • Finlease (Australia)
  • Flow Power
  • Focus CDS Consultants
  • Galesafe Weighing
  • HE Parts International
  • Crushing Solutions
  • Lincom Group
  • MSC Group
  • Oli Vibrators
  • Onetrak
  • Orica Australia (Quarry Services)
  • Roylance’s
  • Safemix
  • Terex Jaques
  • WAM Australia
  • William Adams

Recent Events

  • Meeting with Richard Bolt, Secretary of DEDJTR in Melbourne, Attended by Garry Cranny, Ron Kerr and Dr Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Earth Resources Stakeholder Reference Group meeting in Melbourne, Attended by Dr Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Meeting and site visit at Northern Quarries, Epping by Peter Betson, Anthony Hurst, Ross McGowan, DEDJTR, Attended by Ron Kerr and Dr Elizabeth Gibson.
  • ERTS Forum at WorkSafe Victoria offices in Melbourne, Attended by Gavin Moreira.
  • Meeting at Parliament House with The Hon Tim Pallas, MP, Attended by Garry Cranny, Ron Kerr and Dr Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Extractive Industry Taskforce (Supply and Demand) DEDJTR meeting in Melbourne, Attended by Dr Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Extractive Industry Reference Committee (Federal, Education) teleconference, Attended by Dr Elizabeth Gibson.
  • Members Day 2017 (Guarding Workshop and General Meeting) held at The Stamford in Rowville with a site visit to Hanson in Lysterfield.
  • Associate Committee meeting, held at Galesafe Weighing in Thomastown.
  • Management Committee meeting, held in Kilmore.

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