By on July 14, 2005

Sarah Andrew, CMPA Project Manager

State of the Environment

In March of this year, the CMPA put a submission towards the proposed State of the Environment Report which would be an environmental report to ‘assist in environmental sustainability’. The CMPA supported this concept, however in its submission stressed the need for the report to remain impartial and the need to ensure that recommendations are only made for the greater good of the environment, not the least political option.

Recently the CMPA received a copy of the final report. Within the report, it was noted that representatives from industry held the view that the reporting process should be expanded to encompass sustainable development in keeping with Triple Bottom Line principles.

In addition, the report has recommended that a comparative analysis be made between the state and both international and national benchmarks.

Angahook-Otway Final Report

After over two years of hard work, the Victorian Government was recently presented with, and has responded to, the final report of the Angahook-Otway Investigation by the Victorian Environment Assessment Council.

There had been many submissions presented by the CMPA on this matter, and a great deal of time and effort was expended by Mr Mark Halliday and Mr David Eldridge, who both held positions on the Community Reference Group.

As a result of the investigation:

  • An area of 102,470 ha of present Crown Land will become the Otways Ranges National Park
  • An area of 39,265 ha of present Crown Land will become the Otways Forest Park

These areas of National Park will not be accessible to the industry unless authority is granted by the Minister responsible for the National Parks Act, 1975. This would be very rare; however the CMPA is aware of one Work Authority who is currently going through this process.

The areas of Forest Park will however be accessible for extractive industries subject to approval of the Minister for Environment. We understand that this would be similar to operating in a State Forest, however it would be likely that there would be additional environmental requirements due to the sensitivity of the area as a whole.

Other areas within the study area have been given defined management objectives such as Nature Conservation Reserve, and Natural Feature Reserve. If you are aware of hold any resources for extraction in the Angahook-Otway vicinity, it would be strongly advisable to investigate the report and talk with the DPI on the matter.

Explosives Submission

Australian Standards have recently reviewed the standard, ‘Explosives – Storage, transport and use—Part 2’.

The CMPA raised five points of importance being:

  1. Consolidation of signage
  2. Security of storage
  3. Requiring greater manufacturer support
  4. Clarification of the treatment of misfires
  5. Industry standard warning signal system applicable to all of Australia

These concerns were noted by the Standards Committee, however were not taken up due to a variety of reasons. It is very disappointing to learn that the efforts put towards our submission were a waste of time.

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