CMPA Update (Issue 14)

By on July 15, 2004

Capital Selection, Acquisition and Commissioning Reference Manual (CSACRM)

The CMPA Associates Committee has received a draft copy of the Plant and Vehicle Management Manual. This document was reviewed by the CMPA, however it has been noted that the manual is not specific to the industry and is lacking in its referencing to the various state and federal legislation rules.

There has been agreement that a specialist group should be established to establish the equipment requirements of the document.

Certificate II for Quarry Management

The CMPA is proud to announce that for the 2004 year, it will be able to offer “Work Safely”, “Conduct Local Risk Control” and “Communicate in the Workplace”.

These three units form part of Certificate II in Extractive Industries. In time, the CMPA will arrange for the presentation of several of the available elective units to ensure that all within the industry can achieve Certificate II.

CMPA Website

The CMPA website is to undergo a major update in the next few months.

To date three quotes have been received ranging in price. Ms Sarah Kerr has been briefed on how to handle this upgrade by VECCI. A developer is to be chosen in the next few weeks who is able to create an easy to use site, which is quick to access and can be updated using off-the-shelf products.

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Development of CMPA Policy Regarding Environment and Training

Due to the proposed Environmental Management Guidelines for the Extractive Industry as presented by the EPA and DPI, it is recommended that the CMPA investigates developing a Code of Practice for members use which looks at safety, environmental and training issues. This document would need to ensure that all members would be able to fully comply with it, the future entry is not restricted through excessive procedural and intellectual barriers, and that it does not sterilise access to future resources through massive buffer encroachments. This will be a long term issue.

Driller Procedure Document

Drilling and blasting documentation which is presently under development will provide members and their drillers with work practices that aim to minimise the potential for incidents. 

These documents will be presented at the upcoming drilling workshop for interested parties (the regulator, owners of extractive industries sites that drill, contractors of drilling services, and the suppliers of drilling rigs).

Following the collation of the comments received at the drilling meeting, the CMPA will publish these documents for all to purchase at a minimal cost.

Dust Manual

The CMPA is in the process of developing a Dust Management Manual to assist members in implementing controls and procedures to minimise dust exposure.  First Draft of the document is due for submission in the near future. 

Employee Fatigue Survey

Members may be aware of the fatigue survey that was carried out on extractive industry sites in the second half of last year by the DPI. The draft report is presently being worked through with the relevant parties prior to its imminent release.

Extractive Industry Development (Amendment) Regulations

Following the passing of the Extractive Industry Development (Amendment) Act, the CMPA received notice of the changes required in the Regulations due to the change in the Act. The CMPA was satisfied with the regulations except the continued reference in the Regulations to the Extractive Industries Regulations 1989. The CMPA was informed that there was not time to change this however it would be done at the review to occur next year.

Industry Alternatives to the Quarry Managers Advisory Panel

Following the amendments to the Extractive Industry Development Act 1995, the CMPA is investigating how it should approach the certification of quarry managers in the future. The CMPA has engaged an external consultant to:

  1. Examine the new legislation
  2. Set out the differences between the old and the new
  3. Prepare a questionnaire for members to gauge their understanding, needs and expectations with respect to addressing this issue

Method of Assessing Worth of Commercial Leases

Following the request of members, the CMPA is to commence discussions with the major lenders in order to establish a protocol for assessing the worth of commercial leases and the valuation of a site’s assets. This will be a long term issue

National Mine Safety Framework

The CMPA has provided feedback on the National Mine Safety Framework Implementation Plan. There has been no response to date.

Native Vegetation and Biodiversity Regulations:

Feedback has been provided by the CMPA regarding the possible implications for the industry.

Operating Criteria for Front End Loaders

The CMPA recently received a report from Vic Roads which presented several methods to ensure the safer operation of Front End Loaders, particularly their transport. There has been a submission made on this document and members will be kept up to date.

Key points from the CMPA submission include:

  • Vic Roads to set a state wide protocol regarding signage and warning systems for slow moving vehicles
  • Recommendation of the placement of a 300mm steel signal section across the buckets cutting edge when travelling on roads is impractical
  • That the issue of the position of the bucket during travel has not been addressed
  • That the work is limited to only articulated machines
  • That stability during travel has not been looked at

Promoting Education

CMPA has taken initial steps by talking with OTTE and the National Mining ITAB to improve the marketing and appeal of the quarry industry to high school graduates and other prospective employees.  The CMPA hopes this will attract entry level employees to address the problem of an ageing workforce. It is expected for this to be addressed this year.

Quarry Managers Preliminary Training

The CMPA is seeking to introduce a program where by persons interested in carrying out the Certificate IV in Extractive Industries can attend a series of courses to prepare them. It is the intent of this program to ensure a higher retention rate for Certificate IV than seen in the past as primary issues are addressed.

This will include the units “Operate a personal computer”, “Process and record data”, and “Communicate information” and will be offered through the Box Hill Institute of TAFE.

As the pilot program will be limited to approximately 15 persons, please register you or your employees interest as soon as possible.

Red Cards for Quarry Personnel Entering Construction Sites

Several of the members (both Voting and Associate) have indicated concern at the new Work Safe requirement of hold a Red Card ticket to access construction sites even for delivering of materials. The training that is required is very similar to that provided in the CMPA Work Safely courses.

The CMPA, DPI and Box Hill Institute have undertaken discussions with Work Safe in relation to getting a recognition of prior learning for the Red Card. Work Safe have indicated that in order to do this the CMPA would need to ‘map’ the two courses and talk to one of the approved providers of the training. Box Hill has mapped the course and discussions are being under taken with VECCI, Box Hill Institute and the AWU and at this stage look positive.

People who attended Work Safely and all members will be notified once an outcome is confirmed.

We would once again like to express our thanks to the CMPA Members, DPI and the IOQ Education fund for their support in the development of the Work Safely Reference Manual.

Rehabilitation Bonds

The rehabilitation bond review instigated by the CMPA three years ago continues to progress.  Currently a proposal is being developed for the Extractive Industry Development Act Review in 2005. The DPI has indicated to the CMPA that it will release a discussion paper in the near future.

Removal of Training Funding from the Extractive Industry

The current position of the State Government about continuing to fund TAFE training for the extractive, and other industries in Victoria is that they should withdraw future funding and that the Industry should pick up this cost.

This position is based on statistics provided by the Office of Training and Tertiary Education (OTTE) which indicates that a huge percentage of the workforce has undertaken training.

These statistics have been reviewed several times and the percentage of the workforce trained has dropped from 49%, to 30% and now 20% – which the CMPA still disputes, and will continue to voice its concerns.


Following the CMPA submission to the NOHSC in relation to the plan to reduce the National Exposure Standard for crystalline silica from 0.2mg/m3 to 0.13mg/m3, the CMPA has meet with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). At this meeting, the CMPA met with the NOHSC Chemical Frameworks doctor in charge of the project. The decision has been delayed until May before which the NOHSC representative offered to come and visit several Victorian quarrying sites.

Terms and Conditions Document:

As previously reported, an external consultant has been engaged to formulate an industry wide Terms and Conditions document for sale of quarry materials and conduct a review of the subcontractors role under Vic Roads contracts.  This has already involved discussions and cooperation from Vic Roads and the Extractive Industry Association.  The final document will assist in the protection of quarry businesses and protection against claims or non payment arising from poor contract arrangements.

Recent progress has included the  arranging of a meeting with the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) on this matter by Mr Bruce McClure, Policy and Special Issues Chairperson.

VECCI Membership

Members are reminded that due to the joint membership of the CMPA with VECCI, CMPA Members enjoy a 25% discount with their VECCI membership. If you would like to claim this, please talk to VECCI .

Yellow Pages Listing

The Management Committee has agreed to again place a listing for the  CMPA into the Melbourne Yellow Pages directory. Over the last 12 months the CMPA has seen a recorded increase in the number of people referring to the CMPA in order to be directed to region specific suppliers.

Secondly, those members who indicated their CMPA membership within their Yellow Pages listing are once again thanked. It has been commented upon by those outside of the association as a positive step

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