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By on May 5, 2019

STEINERT Australia continues to provide real and affordable solutions for the separation and sorting of cement, aggregates, slag & recycling materials via magnetic separation and sensor-based sorting equipment. STEINERT also represents HAZEMAG and allmineral in the Australian region – thereby also offering an extended range of Quarry solutions that include crushers, centre sizers, hammer mills through to jigs and classifiers.

STEINERT has been supplying trustworthy and reliable tramp removal magnets into harsh working environments for many years, however Sam Powell, Technical Sales Manager for STEINERT Australia notes “One of the primary concerns when installing an electromagnet on site is the issue of a stand-alone control cabinet.” He says, “The cabinet adds extra complications with additional wiring, planning and space can often be an issue if retrofitting to an existing plant.”

Sam Powell, Technical Sales Manager for STEINERT Australia.

The STEINERT MP range does not need a separate power supply and they have been specifically designed to run directly off the customer’s mains power supply and:

  • maximises plant protection
  • can Reduce overall footprint as there is no area required for a control cabinet
  • can Reduce costs of installation time and commissioning
  • is Australian made
  • requires a suitable three phase power source only

Protect your downstream processing equipment

The magnetic separation range offers stationary and self-cleaning (SC) Suspension magnets. Stationary Magnets are used when the amount of Tramp Iron involved is small, while (SC) self-cleaning Suspension magnets are better suited to higher concentrations of iron components.

STEINERT MP’s protect your equipment by removing tramp metal and preventing:

  • Conveyor belt rips
  • Chute blockages
  • Destruction of crushing wear parts
  • Damage to other sizing equipment
PHOTO: The STEINERT MP range does not need a separate power supply and they have been specifically designed to run directly off the customer’s mains power supply.

Stephen Bennett from Granite Rock Quarry has said, “The reason for choosing the MP magnet was to prevent steel travelling downstream in the processing line. Before installing the MP magnet, tramp steel was travelling through the plant and onto the crushers. This was causing the crushers to jam up – hence causing non-productive downtime.”

Since making the decision to include the MP magnet at the plant, Bennett has said “the best thing about the magnet is that it has saved us a lot of heartache. The crushers are now jam free and downtime is prevented. All it takes is a metal tooth from a former job – something so simple, yet it causes major damage to the crushers.”

Metal detectors can also be used when it is possible to place the magnet in the Over-belt position and where it is necessary to remove relatively small tramp. We recommend selecting a magnet that will remove any large tramp that might cause damage to belts or other equipment and using a metal detector downstream of the magnet to detect the smaller tramp which is too small for the magnet to remove.

The added benefit of the metal detector is that it can also detect any non-magnetic metals which the magnet cannot remove. In this case STEINERT can offer the best solution to provide a magnet that removes the majority of damaging tramp and combining it with a metal detector that will provide ultimate protection with minimum belt stops.

Bennett definitely recommends the STEINERT MP suspension magnet as the right tool for the job, especially for the harsh requirements of the quarry industry. He said “This was so simple to install, and it does the job well. From a customer’s perspective, from the very first enquiry phone call, right through to the magnet now working away in the plant – everything has just gone perfectly”.

STEINERT magnets are available as both electro and permanent available in Stationary (manual cleaning) magnets and in line and cross belt (self-cleaning) magnets.

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