By on October 3, 2018

Epiroc builds on proven expertise in mining, quarrying and infrastructure.

With a longstanding history dating back to 1873, Atlas Copco established an enviable reputation as a world-leading provider of industrial productivity solutions and mining and quarrying equipment and services. A significant company milestone occurred in June 2018, when the mining, quarrying and natural resources division of Atlas Copco formed an independent, NASDAQ listed company, Epiroc AB.

Craig Marsh, Business Line Manager for Surface equipment at Epiroc Australia, notes that by forming a new entity the former mining and rock excavation group of Atlas Copco would continue
to gain more focus and specialisation. “The industry has come a long way in recent years with health, safety and environmental regulations becoming more stringent. As a company we invest in innovation to help our customers address industry challenges.”

Maintenance information is now available remotely for proactive maintenance through RigScan.

Maintenance information is now available remotely for proactive maintenance through RigScan.

Epiroc’s latest drill rigs, the SmartROC T40 & T45 are the most fuel efficient drill rigs in the world. The SmartROC T40 rig has been achieving fuel savings of up to 50 percent. It also reduces the number of hydraulic hoses required by 50 percent.

“The amount of fuel being consumed and how long an engine is running are key factors in determining the lifespan of an engine. The T40 has the ability to reduce fuel consumption (by up to 50 percent) and double engine life. Of particular interest for the quarrying industry, which is often operating close to residential areas, the already quiet T40 has the option of a silencing kit, which reduces noise by a further 50 percent,” explained Craig.

Epiroc drill bits T51 suitable for a T40 rig.

Epiroc drill bits T51 suitable for a T40 rig.

Automation is a big part of product development at Epiroc as the company continues to incorporate a high level of automation throughout the entire drill rig system. The SmartROC drill rigs can be equipped with a hole navigation system (HNS), managing hole position, inclination, correct aiming and the required hole length as defined in the prepared drill plan. This provides a decrease in the drill and blast cost per cubic meter produced.

The SmartROC T40 with silenced kit.

The SmartROC T40 with silenced kit.

Meeting customers’ requirements in the quarrying, mining and infrastructure sectors is a priority for Epiroc. The company has been very active in variety of notable infrastructure projects throughout Victoria. Epiroc has rigs working with contractors doing ground anchoring and geotechnical work including major road and rail projects such as the Metro Tunnel project, Tullamarine Freeway and the removal of level railway crossings in Victoria’s metro and regional areas.

With the number of construction projects on the rise in Melbourne’s CBD, there are a number of Epiroc rigs being used in Melbourne to allow for construction of larger towers and buildings on the sites. Epiroc rigs are being used for the excavation work and the preparation and ground anchoring for construction.

Epiroc's SmartROC T40 provides superior fuel efficiency.

Epiroc’s SmartROC T40 provides superior fuel efficiency.

As Epiroc continues to build on their proven expertise and performance, they are investing in innovation to make what is already good, even better. Craig explained that, “We have very aggressive growth targets, some of this will be through acquisition and we will also be working towards growing our service business, through the provision of very high-end monitoring across the board. These tailored services will focus on providing customers the greatest productivity with the least downtime. It is all about automation and digitalisation of the equipment, processes and services.”

Epiroc was a founding member of the CMPA and continues to be a long-term supporter and member of the organisation. “We value the work that the CMPA does in relation to raising the standards within the industry. The CMPA has an important role in disseminating the message around safety, new technologies and innovations for their members,” said Craig.

“As a company that has been around for 145 years, we know how long and hard it is to maintain focus, dedication and relevance in the long term. The CMPA really are an association that is valued by their members’ and the industry as a whole and we would like to congratulate them on their 100th edition of Sand & Stone magazine.”


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