Extractive Industry Reference Committee

By on April 9, 2018

Dr Elizabeth Gibson, General Manager of CMPA, provides an update on VET education as a representative on the AISC’s Extractive Industry Reference Committee (Extractive IRC).

Australian Industry Skills Council was established by the Council of Australian Governments Industry and Skills Council in May 2015 to give industry a formal, expanded role in policy direction and decision-making for the vocational education and training sector. The AISC provides leadership and guidance to the VET system, bringing a strong industry-based perspective to enhance responsiveness, quality and relevance within the sector. PwC Skills for Australia (PwC) is the Skills Services Organisation (taking over from SkillsDMC on 1st January 2017) that reports through to the AISC that is responsible for VET qualifications in the extractive industry.

A meeting of the Extractive IRC took place on 13th February 2018.

Extractive IRC Members

A replacement is need for a member with blasting experience. An expression of interest will be advertised.

Mobile Plant Operations Units Cert III

There is now more use of skills sets for mobile plant operations (Cert III) where only a half dozen units are being undertaken. The successful completion of a skills set needs to be formally recognised and funded by Federal Government. Log book usage was raised as a mechanism for recording experience and assessing competency. The Extractive IRC requested that PwC Skills for Australia approach the Department of Education and training (Commonwealth) concerning mandating the use of log books.

Mine Supervision

There is a proposal for a Mine Supervision project to encompass extractives also. Concern was expressed by members of the Extractive IRC that the title and some of the core units were seen as mining only. It was proposed that the name be changed to Resource Sector Supervision and that there is greater representation of the extractive sector on the working group to ensure that the project remains relevant to the extractive industry.


Project update 2017-18

Cases for change to the extractive VET education units are currently being developed for:

  • New and emerging technologies/remote operations
  • Drilling equipment and methods
  • Blasting methods/new and emerging technologies
  • Geotechnical risks in quarries Cert III/IV
  • Skills set for the Supervisor of on-site NATA laboratories conducting construction material testing

Work program

“Mining, drilling and civil infrastructure Industry Skills Forecast and Proposed Schedule of Work 2018”  this also incorporates extractive industry skills data) will be submitted to AISC by 31/ 05/18

If there are any requirements for additional training units or issues with current training units please contact the Secretariat.

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