Frequently Asked Questions (Issue 102)

By on January 31, 2019

A new section of Sand & Stone created for communicating to readers; questions being asked by members to the Secretariat.

Can I import materials onto my site?

Reference was made to the Earth Resources Regulation’s “Imported Materials Management Guideline” 2017 available on

The purpose of this guideline is to provide practical guidance recommended practice) to mine and quarry operators for managing materials imported into mine and quarry sites for site rehabilitation and/or materials recycling. In particular, the guideline lists the permissible uses of materials, respective regulators and management requirements.

This guideline is primarily for use by:

• quarry operators who hold a current work authority and import or may import materials for use or development to a location within the work authority

In regard to materials recycling, this guideline:

• focuses on sites that import, process and sell without blending with quarried material. This is because stand-alone recycling is a common practice across quarry sites in Victoria.
• provides guidance for sites that import materials (particularly concrete or bricks) for blending with quarried rock prior to sale.

Is there a template landowner agreement available for drilling holes on prospective land?

Generally, Industry Consultants (Planning) will have a standard letter for this purpose.

The CMPA and Nevett Ford Lawyers developed an industry specific lease for Members which is generic/standard, enabling it to be used with minimum modification in most situations where Members propose leasing a quarry site.

Generally, a landlord, usually via his solicitor, generates the lease document and submits it to the proposed tenant, and for this reason there may be situations where land owners will be reluctant to accept a lease document generated by the construction material processing operator.

However, the industry specific issues may lead land owners in many cases to accept that the lease documentation process can be initiated by the construction material processing owner. It is hoped that the Generic Lease will achieve widespread usage across the industry, so that its usage in any particular case will give comfort to banks in the context of finance and may also facilitate dealings with the DEDJTR.

Reference was made to the CMPA’s “2018 Preferred Suppliers & General Information Reference Manual” under “Industry Consultants – Planning” or

To ask a question that could be shared amongst all members in the association please contact the CMPA:

Phone: 03 5781 6055
Fax: 03 5782 2021

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