Frequently Asked Questions (Issue 103)

By on March 19, 2019

A new section of Sand & Stone created for communicating to readers; questions being asked by members to the Secretariat.

What is the regulatory requirement for having tarpaulins or lids on tip trucks when carrying crushed rock (limestone)?

National Heavy Vehicle Legislation refers to the load restraint guideline (2018) National Transport Commission’s Load Restraint Guide under National Transport Commission.

Comments from a CMPA Member

“Wording is not specific other than ‘ensure the load is secure, even, correctly placed and at no risk of losing the load’ etc. This is only a guideline which leaves it open to argument. I am not aware of any legal requirement to cover a load as long as it is secured.

My understanding with tipper bodies is to cover the load or have the load at or below water level in the truck body. For what it’s worth we have in our own policy that all loads must be secured and covered. It is good for community relations and leaves no question of use of best practices.

An operator must be able to demonstrate the load restraint system complies with performance standards. I would not think many modern trucks would not have tarps covering their loads. Most are ground level operated or electric, so no risk to drivers.”

Why have I received a large increase in Land Tax on my property?

Michael Hocking (C.J. Ham and Murray Pty Ltd) has written a discussion paper regarding the calculation of land tax for CMPA Members. Once it has been reviewed for legislative accuracy it will be circulated to Members.

This paper is intended to inform extractive industry operators about the recent changes to valuation assessments, how Land Tax is calculated and the process adopted by VGV in determining Site Value and the grounds and process involved in lodging a Land Tax Objection.

From 2019, rating and taxing valuations will be completed annually rather than biannually which was the case in previous years. This process will capture increases in property values, including Site Value which forms the basis of Land Tax Assessments issued by the State Revenue Office (SRO).

Importantly, SRO relies upon the Site Value determined by the Valuer-General Victoria and there is a different objection process to follow depending on whether an objection is lodged in respect of a Municipal Rating Assessment or a Land Tax Assessment.

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