From the CMPA Associate Chairperson

By on September 27, 2016
Photo: Associate Chairperson Mr Tej Panesar.


TEJ PANESAR, Manager of TSP Group of Companies reflects on the last financial year and the challenges for the coming year.

The year continued to be a challenging one for the Associate Members with reduced activity of the Voting members for goods and services due to no substantial growth in business opportunity. While this allowed for some additional time for enhanced communication with the Voting Members and their quarry operational teams there is a belief that there is reduced leakage of business outside of the Associates group despite the pressure on costs. The support from Voting Members to the Associate Members in buying as much as possible from within the group acknowledged as a “Preferred Supplier” has kept the Associate Members confidence high and look for better times.

The Associate Members have attended Field Training programs run by the CMPA in the regional areas and sponsored these programs as well. This has further improved interaction between Associate Members and Voting Members.

Among the key training sessions, the following are note worthy:

  • Working Safely with Geotechnical Risks in Quarries Workshop in Kinglake (February 2016 – 53 attendees);
  • Dust Management Workshop in Corio (March 2016 – 35 attendees); and
  • Working Safely with Geotechnical Risks in Quarries and Dust Management Workshops in Bendigo (May 2016 – 24 attendees).

The Associates continue to share their technical knowledge via articles in Sand & Stone. Advertising revenue has also been steady despite the downturn in business. This has helped in keeping contact with the decision makers at the Quarries, Recycling plants, Concrete and Asphalt plants. This is a true reflection of their support of the Association. The magazine is well received and well read.

The CMPA’s upgraded website has been successful. Associate Members benefit from the new website as it is more interactive and easy to navigate along with increased access by various users and trade customers. There is further attempt to get the communication going through Linked In and possibly Facebook too.

The Preferred Supplier & General Information Reference Manual continues to be frequently referred to by quarry operations management for in-the-group product sourcing. Members have been pushing this at their work places.

I am thankful for the excellent support and input from the Associate Members who attended many meetings despite not being on the Associates Committee and to several others who want to join the committee. While the size of the Committee is limited, all members are welcome to attend the Committee meetings. We would however work towards rotating the members to encourage even greater participation and fresh ideas. The presence of a Voting Member at the Associates meeting has further strengthened the bond and understanding of the tough times we are handling together.

The Associates group has once again elected me to lead the Associates Committee and Rowena Cairns as the Associate Vice Chairperson to represent the views and expectations of the Associates constructively at the Management Committee and enhance the relationship between the Associates and the Voting members. My special thanks go to Dr. Elizabeth Gibson, Gavin Moreira, Sarah Andrew and Jacinta Gall for the special support through the whole year.

It is for the first time that the Voting members are also sponsors at the Annual Dinner this year and a very special thanks go to Burdett Sands, Castella Quarries, Conundrum Holdings and EB Mawson & Sons Pty Ltd for their sponsorship. My personal thanks goes to each member of the CMPA Management Committee, the Voting Members and the Associates in working through the issues that surface in a joint working environment.



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