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By on April 9, 2018

Analysis of Earth Resources Regulation Data on Work Authority Approvals

ELIZABETH GIBSON, General Manager of CMPA.

Demand for construction materials in the Melbourne area is at an all-time high. An understanding of the length of time for a Greenfield quarry or a variation to extraction limits to commence is paramount. It needs to be recognised by the Government that there is no quick switch and that existing quarries may be currently operating at their production capacity requiring a variation to increase plant. This plant then has to be sourced; mobile plant may be used. See Demand and Supply article on page 10 for further information.

The CMPA has commenced a project to determine impediments to sufficient supply of construction materials for Victoria’s needs. The first part of the project was to identify landmark decisions and trends in VCAT decision making (July 2009-June 2017) to better understand their impact on the immediate viability and longer term sustainability of the extractive industry in Victoria. The findings of the subsequent report revealed that it is very unlikely that a viable Work Authority will be approved during this VCAT process.

The next part of the project being proposed by CMPA is analysis of Earth Resources Regulation historical data on the approvals process from 1 July 2009 to date:

  1. Determine the number of work authority applications per financial year and separate out into variations and Greenfield sites; and rock, sand, gravel or clay.
  2. Determine the length of time for each stage and separate out into variations and Greenfield sites; and rock, sand, gravel or clay:
  • Issuing of a work authority number and work plan application;
  • Work plan application to endorsed work plan;
  • Endorsed work plan to approved work plan;
  • Approved work plan to approved work authority; and
  • Operations commenced.

This data will provide industry, government and the community with a better understanding of trends in the supply of construction materials with changing regulation. The majority of this information was made available on the Earth Resources Regulation website up to January 2015 and so there should be no difficulty in accessing the data to date.

Access to Earth Resources Regulation data has been approved and CMPA looks forward to working with Government with the project to commence shortly (hopefully).

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