From the Secretariat – Issue 85

By on April 5, 2016

Minister Launches Geotech Guideline

Photo: LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr Ron Kerr, Dr Elizabeth Gibson, Minister for Energy and Resources The Hon Lily D’Ambrosio and Ant Bateup at the launch of the guideline.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr Ron Kerr, Dr Elizabeth Gibson, Minister for Energy and Resources The Hon Lily D’Ambrosio and Ant Bateup at the launch of the guideline.

DR ELIZABETH GIBSON, General Manager of the CMPA provides a summary on the launch of the CMPA’s latest guidline.

The CMPA was pleased that the Minister for Energy and Resources The Hon Lily D’Ambrosio MP launched the CMPA Guidelines “Working Safely with Geotechnical Risk in Quarries” at the workshop held in Kinglake on 18 February 2016 (see page 17 for further information).

The Minister acknowledged the CMPA for its initiative in creating the Guidelines and was very complimentary about them: “These guidelines aim to be proactive, to identify the risk of geotechnical hazards, and recommend actions to lessen the likelihood of incidences before they can occur”. The Minister observed that the language of the Guidelines is clear and easy to understand which is important to ensure a wide range of quarry workers and contractors are actually using the Guidelines. She went on to say “while reducing risk to workers is of the highest concern, it’s important we also ensure our quarrying operations have as low an impact on the environment as possible”.

The Minister touched on rehabilitation in that rehabilitation (which should be conducted progressively) of land affected by quarrying should minimise the impact and risk to both people and the environment which the Guideline does. “These guidelines will help reducing risk and ensure that quarrying can continue to be a significant contributor to Victoria’s economy.” The Minister then outlined the reforms which the Government was initiating such as adopting risk based work plans and reform of Earth Resources Regulation to work more closely with industry, local communities and other government agencies, providing timely, accurate, and accessible information and build community and business confidence.

The Minister congratulated the contributors to the development of “this important” Guideline. She thanked CMPA for the invitation and was delighted to launch the new Guidelines which will help keep Victorian workers safe and protect the environment. Ron Kerr, the CMPA Honorary CEO responded with a statement about the importance of improving the way quarry managers operate their businesses and that the CMPA focused on educating its Members to achieve this. Dr Elizabeth Gibson thanked the Minister which concluded the launch.



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