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By on July 19, 2018

REZA GHAEMI working as the Business Development Manager for Fullbore Drill & Blast Pty Ltd reports on the strengths of the business.

Fullbore Drill and Blast Pty Ltd is a privately owned company, providing drill and blast services, covering South East Australia, in different market segments (Mining, Quarry and Construction)
for the last 7 years. Their diverse range of modern top hammer drill rigs with the technical capability enable them to be involved in a variety of drill land blast projects applying appropriate drilling and blasting methodology.

Professionally trained operators along with technical expertise, promotes a better understanding of their customer expectations in order to select practical KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) and translation of those into tangible targets to achieve key business objectives.

Fullbore’s vision is to become the leading drill and blast service provider by utilising the latest technology available in the market. Their goal is to provide clever drill and blast solutions and differentiated services to the customers for continued improvement of operations efficiency. Their core business value of safety reinforces their commitment to the safety, health and wellbeing of their people, customers, the environment, and the communities in which they operate.

Fullbore’s strategy is to create sustainable value through customer focused, innovative solution, and continuous improvement. These are delivered through their investment on latest technology in the market, employing competent skilled managers and operators with high level of technical capabilities.


Fullbore Drill & Blast Pty Ltd Integrated Management System is built around the framework defined under:

AS/NZS 4801:2001

– Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard

ISO 9001:2015

– Quality Management System Standard


– Environment Management System Standard.

The company provides drilling and blasting services for a range of construction clients, mines, and quarries, including:

  • Contract Drilling
  • Rock on ground services (Quarry and Mine)
  • Blast design survey / laser profiling / bore tracking
  • Construction blasting
  • Special technic blasting. i.e. pre-splitting, electronic blasting, buffer blasting etc.
  • Blast Environmental Monitoring and Analysing for further improvement
  • Explosive transport / storage

Fullbore’s drill rig fleet consists of modern equipment adopting all the latest technology that improve safety, health and environmental aspects of drilling activities.

At Fullbore we believe that blast hole accuracy and quality has a direct correlation for blasting safety on the quarry site. Advanced technology takes safety to the next level and the following points show some of the safety features of the Fullbore drill rigs:

  • Automated feature to avoid human errors
  • Safety pop-up alarm on operator screen
  • Secure shut-down functions protect all main components and increases machine lifetime
  • Less CO2 emissions through advanced compressor management system
  • Excellent stability due to low centre of gravity and wide tracks
  • Generating quality reports for safe & efficient blasting

Reza has been working as the Business Development Manager for Fullbore Drill & Blast Pty Ltd for the last 3 years. He is a mining engineer and currently studying his Masters of Project Management at RMIT Melbourne. He has 11 years of experience working in the Quarry Industry in Australia. This started in 2007, after migrating to Australia, by working as a technical service engineer for Orica Quarry Services providing technical support for Victoria and Tasmania. He also has five years of experience working overseas in the Oil and Gas industry.


Luke Martyn’s (Fullbore Managing Director) strategy of continuous operation’s improvement, by investing in the latest technology available in the market, has given Reza the opportunity to develop his knowledge further around drill and blast operation. Fullbore’s business value of honesty, enthusiasm and teamwork provided Reza with a great opportunity to continue his career with confidence and guaranteed future growth.

Fullbore joined the CMPA back in the first year of its inception to benefit from the information and material available and in order to make connections with other companies and people working in the quarry industry.

Differentiated Services through Innovation and Latest Technology

GPS Guidance Drilling System

Fullbore provide additional drilling services to the customers using GPS Guidance Drilling System.
The GPS Guidance Drilling System can considerably improve drill and blast operation’s efficiency. The system directly supplies operators with point lists via GNSS to in-cab displays and navigates them quickly and accurately to the required locations.

System Benefits

  • Faster drill rig positioning on bench
  • Reducing risk of drilling or tramming in wrong location
  • Eliminating dependency on surveyor to mark out blast holes on bench
  • Increased safety for drill and blast crew and blasting surveyor by minimising the time spent on bench
  • Providing drill rig operator with visualisation of drill rig and blast holes
  • Accurate drilling by GPS accuracy in centimetre
  • Providing transferable data


The precise location and orientation of the drill rigs saves time in positioning the lead for each designed blast holes. The rig operator is provided a real time display, information, and instructions to guide and position the rig to the next target. Final position of each target can be saved to reports along with achieved accuracy.

For further information contact:Fullbore-new-logo
Luke Martyn: luke@fullboremining.com
Mobile: 0415 393 850


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