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By on September 30, 2015

IM CAIRNS, Sales Manager for Galesafe Weighing (Vic/Tas) reports on a brand new product, Loadrite’s InsightHQ, which aims to answer a Quarry Manager’s question “What is actually happening in my quarry?”

With the internet changing the way we all do business, and everybody’s desire for “need it now” information, this new product takes data from Loadrite scales on wheel loaders, conveyors, and excavators, and converts that data into easy to understand reports designed specifically for each individual business.

For a quarry manager or crushing contractor, some benefits are the ability to respond faster to issues (like breakdowns), and to optimize production and machine utilisation to ensure delivery on daily targets. Data is able to be viewed, and production processes modified, at any time during a shift.

Loadrite have worked with quarries globally to design the standard “off-the shelf” reports. Insight HQ is a cloud based reporting tool, which was designed specifically for Quarry/ Aggregate and Sand/Gravel applications.

Additionally, Insight HQ is fully customisable, it allows you to update data fields for the descriptions of your sites, and scales, to suit your operation. This is limited to users with Managers Access.

The Basic Reports, available to individual users, include a daily materials report, daily loading availability (loaders and excavators), daily loading performance (loaders and excavators), daily conveyor availability, and daily conveyor performance, highlighting breaks in production and black belt time.

A further reporting set is available, these are referred to as Data Distribution Reports, and are set per unit of equipment.

For those that need to share reports around their business, or retain files, each data report is able to be exported to a pdf file, an Excel file (.xls), or a Word file (.doc), which allows for simple data retention. For even easier data sharing, automated emails are able to be set up, so for example, a user is emailed a productivity report automatically at the end of each day, even if that person doesn’t log on to InsightHQ.

What may be of further interest to Quarry managers within CMPA, is the option “DIY Reports”. Using these, a user may  create summaries or individually detailed reports as per individual customer requirements, using any combination of Loadrite data across one or multiple sites.

Instead of waiting for logsheets to be manually entered by the end of each day, a quarry manager can know instantly what the day’s production is, via virtually any smart device.

Daily Loading Performance Report













Loadrite’s Insight HQ is sold locally by Galesafe Weighing on an annual subscription basis. Insight HQ is compatible with any Insight HQ ready Loadrite system, and is surprisingly inexpensive.

Galesafe is keen to bring this product to CMPA Members as it has so many benefits. Galesafe has helped several customers manage their fleet with Insight HQ in the last month, these customers have found its ease of use and benefits to be incredibly positive.

Andy’s Earthmovers with assistance from All Stone Quarries have recently commissioned a remote crushing and load out operation.

“The fact that we can sit in our office or vehicle and simply glance at our, phone, tablet or PC to see how the plant is running is just fantastic.” Says Barry Cook from Andy’s Earthmovers. ‘The automatic emailing of daily reports means we can get on with other work instead of manually collating data. It’s a real time saver.”

In summary, the benefits of Loadrite’s Insight HQ:

  • Compatibility with ANY web browser. No software to  install, and no access permissions required from the IT Department.
  • Remote or on-site access. See your quarry status from  anywhere in the world.
  • Near real-time data visibility. No more waiting for reports.
  • Secure, accurate and reliable. Data is unfiltered, password  protected, encrypted, with 99% uptime.
SITE PHOTO: A user views production on their excavator and on their screening plant.

SITE PHOTO: A user views production on their excavator and on their screening plant.

For Insight HQ ready Loadrite equipment, contact Galesafe Weighing by December 31st 2015  for a 2 month free subscription (trial) of Insight HQ.


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