By on July 15, 2004

As part of an industry association, it is important that you are aware of what the CMPA sees as issues that will effect members in the next three to six months.

The below listed issues will be covered in more depth in the May issue of the CMPA News.

1. Extension of Federal Award Coverage throughout Victoria.
This issue will be worked through with the assistance of VECCI

2. Archaeological and Aboriginal Relics Preservation Act and the Victorian extractive industries. Particular reference will be made to the owner of a sand pit in Willaura North.

3. Training resources will be developed by the CMPA for the Victorian extractive industry in the Certificate II units of competency “Conduct local risk control” and “Perform basic cutting and welding

4. A refresher course will be run by the DPI and Orica for those persons within the industry whose blasting licence expirers in 2005.

5. Publication reviews will occur for all the CMPA publications taking into account comments made by members and the regulator.

6. Development of a column within the CMPA News for a market comment by the Regional Coordinators and others

7. Booking people in for the 2004 CMPA Annual General Meeting which is to be held on Saturday August 14 2004 at Sovereign Hill Ballarat.

8. Finalisation and release of the CMPA Fact Sheet regarding Crystalline Silica management.

9. Membership drive 2004. This will include the development and release of the CMPA’s annual activities.

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