Landair Surveys Rewrites the Rules of Aerial Surveying

By on June 4, 2019

Landair Surveys (Ringwood, VIC) continues to upgrade its surveying toolkit. Our latest addition a Vulcanair P68C twin engine aerial survey aircraft will rewrite the rules of aerial surveying in Australia and here is why.

Our Vulcanair P68C is an extremely suitable platform for our state-of-the art Leica RCD30 specialised aerial camera system, which has a wide range of benefits that our existing and future clients are about to enjoy.

Thanks to the longer range that Vulcanair aircraft offers, we will have much quicker access to remote sites and will be able to survey more sites and larger areas in a single day. This will allow us to significantly improve our turnaround time. Our service range will increase up to 2,400 km, which is almost three times the distance between Melbourne and Sydney by car.

Not only that, in a single day we will be able to capture up to 500 square kilometres of imagery.

Due to the high wing configuration our aircraft is extremely stable. Unlike most other survey aircraft that require a least 130 knots of cruising speed to operate, we can slow ours down to 85 knots when capturing images. That means our clients will end up with much better-quality images. In surveying, it’s the small details that matter.

Our Vulcanair is one of the youngest survey aircraft in Australia. Less time in the hangar for unscheduled maintenance and more time in the air where our clients need it the most.

Unlike other aircraft in its class, our Vulcanair also offers better fuel-to- weight ratio, which translates to lower carbon emissions in the long run. That is great for our environment.

Lastly, we are making our aircraft available to our clients for charter flights from our base in Tyabb, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. This is very handy if you need to get to your remote site in a hurry.

For more information on our aerial surveying solutions and our charter flights, please contact us on 1300 130 158 or visit our website:

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