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New Victorian Legislation Changes—Timeframes for Lodging Claims

Supplied by OAMPS—Employer Compensation Management Services

The Victorian WorkCover Authority have cracked down on employer’s obligations for lodging claims within 10 days.

New changes have made employers more accountable in lodging claims in the appropriate time frame from when they receive the claim from the worker.

Changes to the Act are:

  • If an employer lodges a claim for weekly payments outside the 10 day requirement (without reasonable cause), they will be liable for all weekly benefits up to the date the Agent received the claim. This payment will be made by the scheme however recovery will be requested by the Agent for this time. The Victorian WorkCover Authority may also impose further fines.
  • If an employer fails to submit a claim for compensation with their Agent, however the worker also lodges the claim directly with the Victorian WorkCover Authority, the 28 day liability will commence 11 days after the Victorian WorkCover Authority receives it.
  • If an employer does not forward a claim to the Agent within 38 days, as well as being liable for all payments, the claim will be automatically deemed accepted and there will be no availability for investigation.

It is important that all employers adhere to the above restrictions to ensure no further costs are incurred.

For more information please call Kevin Vercoe on (03) 9412 2436.
Supplied by OAMPS—Employer Compensation Management Services
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Enter the New “Exit”

Supplied by The Global Standard, Issue May 2005

The word “exit” has been replaced with the internationally recognised “moving person” symbol in the newly published Australian Standard for emergency evacuation lighting.

Standards Australia has published the revised Parts 1 and 3 of series AS2293 Emergency evacuation lighting for buildings, specifying the use of the “moving person” symbol developed by ISO, instead of the word “EXIT” on illuminated exit signs.

A simple system of just three signs has been developed to cover all situations along an egress path. The revised standard also introduces a range of recommended sign sizes, revised luminance measurement procedures, and the symbols are now available as electronic files.

Quarry Industry—Victoria—Award 2000

Sarah Andrew, CMPA Project Manager

With the change in Victoria to common rule, many members have moved to the Quarry Industry—Victoria—Award 2000. The current wage rates dated 24/9/04 are right. This does not take into account any allowances and is a minimum rate only. Please note that the full award can be downloaded from www.wagenet.gov.au and search for ‘AW794082’.

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