Members Day 2016

By on November 30, 2016

CMPA Secretariat reports on the successful day recently held in the North of Melbourne for CMPA members.

Noise Management Workshop

On 20 October 2016 the CMPA held a workshop to expand on the collective knowledge of its members and to inform them of their responsibilities with respect to “Noise Management”.

The main objective of the day was to launch the new Noise Management Guideline in order to support CMPA members to meet the requirements of the Victoria Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and the Victorian Environment Protection Act 1970.

In doing so, the CMPA endeavours to:

  • Provide members with appropriate management practices required to minimise potential health risks or environmental impacts associated with noise arising from construction materials industry operations.
  • Assist members in establishing and maintaining a Work Plan which defines operational activity so as to obtain and sustain an Extractive Industry Work Authority.

The day commenced at the Casa D’Abruzzo Club in Epping with about 16 CMPA members in attendance. The workshop was facilitated by David McKelvie of Safemix who took us through the key areas of the guideline.

Noise Management Workshop

Noise Management Workshop

The scope of the Noise Management Guideline covers the health risks and the environmental impacts and their associated controls from both a workplace and a community perspective. The key points from the document are:

  • being able to identify the difference between noise and sound;
  • what is workplace noise and what is environmental noise;
  • understanding the Decibel Scale; and
  • looking at the potential impacts associated with hazardous noise.

A workers lunch brought opportunities to network with fellow members and to discuss what had been learned during the morning’s presentations.

After lunch Dr John Gall from ERA Health discussed the potential health effects of hazardous noise particularly for our employees. The presentation gave us a detailed understanding of how the workings of the ear are impacted by constant exposure to noise or sudden exposure to loud impact or explosive sounds.

The next presentation was conducted by Steve McCleary of 3M Australia and Michael Smith of Amare Safety on Personal Protective Equipment. Discussions were had on different types of noise monitoring instruments for the site as well as monitoring for employees. Steve also reviewed the different types of hearing protection devices including ear plugs and ear muffs.


At the conclusion of the workshop attendees jumped on a bus to visit Conundrum Holdings, Northern Quarries. Mark Wagner, Commercial Manager for Conundrum Holdings provided a brief insight into the development and workings of the hard rock site and conducted an online group induction before members got back on the bus to view the site for themselves. A good way to finish the day looking at methods of noise control in person.


Expectations were met with participants gaining a further understanding of the noise issues.

“I gained a good understanding on hearing assessments and monitoring.” 

“Well presented and relevant presentations.”

General Meeting

The opening presentation for the evening was by Tej Panesar from TSP Group of Companies who discussed the latest technology for cutting edges and the ways to protect your mobile equipment investment. There was about 30 CMPA members in attendance who listened and discussed issues presented by regulators to the industry.

Ross McGowan (DEDJTR) brought us up to date with the reforms to the Earth Resources Regulation. Peter Tange (DELWP) provided us with an update on Native Vegetation Regulation, whilst Harry Webber (AH, DPC) provided an insight into the Amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

There was plenty of questions raised and discussions had over a drink and a two course dinner provided by the venue. Members were also able to network with each other and to compare notes from the day’s proceedings.

Thanks to all who helped make the day such a success especially the presenters from ERA Health, Amare Safety, 3M Australia, TSP Group of Companies and regulators from DEDJTR, DELWP and Aboriginal Heritage.

Thank you to David McKelvie from Safemix for facilitating the workshop and to Northern Quarries for allowing us to visit their quarry.

General Meeting of CMPA Members

General Meeting of CMPA Members

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