Kinder & Co – New K-Smartscraper Primary Belt Cleaner

By on February 7, 2015

CHRISTINE KINDER, Marketing Manager for Kinder & Co reports on the new K-Smartscraper Primary Belt Cleaner.

The K-Smartscraper Primary Belt Cleaner is a new and highly effective concept in belt cleaning. It is lightweight in construction (weighing only 9kg) and is a high cleaning performance
alternative to conventional tungsten carbide blade style belt cleaners. The cleaning edge of the K-Smartscraper is made up of a series of high quality, abrasion resistant, ceramic tips. Hardness is a good indicator of a material’s ability to withstand wear and abrasion: the K-Smartscraper’s ceramic tips have 92% alumina content, giving them a hardness rating of approximately 9 on the MOHS scale (diamond = 10).

The ceramic tips are angled to skim clean the conveyor belt closely and efficiently, removing 90% of the carryback into the material flow and stopping the need to allocate resources to labour intensive clean-up work in awkward confined places on the conveyor structure as well as the surrounding area. Even if the belt is worn in the centre, or a crowned pulley
is used to drive the belt, K-Smartscraper is capable of maintaining effective belt cleaning levels.


K-Smartscraper’s patented design spring-tensioned mounting system is self-adjusting and so reduces the need for further ongoing maintenance. From an important personal safety perspective, the K-Smartscraper removes the hazard risk of working closely with moving conveyor machinery parts.

The simplicity of the design, combined with its lightweight structure, makes the K-Smartscraper very straightforward to install. It is suitable for wet, powdery, sticky and high temperature materials including iron ore, limestone, coal, sinter, quarried products, clay, fertiliser and clinker.

Mounting options include Cross-type (standard), V-type and Paired. Suitable for all belt widths.


For further information contact Christine Kinder, Marketing Manager on P: 03 9587 9244
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