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Membership Renewals 2005-06

Briony Rowley, CMPA Administration Officer

CMPA Membership Renewals for the 2005-06 financial year are underway. All Members should have received their renewal paperwork in the mail. As such it would be greatly appreciated if these forms could be completed and returned at your earliest convenience.

The financial support provided by our Members’ annual fees ensures that the CMPA is able to continue its work in the extractive industry, supporting and aiding it’s Members wherever possible.

For those of you who are not Members of the CMPA, we encourage you to become involved and support the Association, in return reaping the many benefits of your membership with us.

For those who are already Members we thank you for your dedication and support over the term of your membership with us and look forward to dealing with you in the future. May we also urge Members to encourage their friends and associates to join and show their support also.

As a potential Member you receive an issue of the CMPA News approximately twice a year to keep you informed of current CMPA activities, issues and achievements. It is important to note the many additional benefits you would receive upon joining the Association.

Benefits include discounted OHS publications and training, being included in all CMPA mail outs of newsletters, safety and business updates, discounts from Associate suppliers normally only available to larger companies, an invitation to attend the Annual Dinner, a significant discount on VECCI membership, invitations to CMPA Workshops and other events, guidance and assistance on many issues, access to a wide variety of information and knowledge, along with invaluable networking opportunities.

In the past year, the CMPA’s major projects have included:

  • Coordination of workshops focusing on the hazards and risks associated with drilling and mobile plant operations, resulting in the production of OHS Support Documentation which is available industry wide
  • Provision of training in conjunction with several RTO’s for units in the Certificate II in Extractive Industries Training Package
  • Provision of courses in conjunction with the DPI for the renewal of Explosive Licences expiring under the Mines Act 1958, Mineral Resources Development Act 1990 & Extractive Industries Development Act 1955

Numerous submissions to various Government Departments and other organisations have been made including:

  • MCMPR – Fiscal Competitiveness Study
  • Department of Sustainability & Environment (DSE) – Fees
  • National Mine Safety Framework
  • Melbourne 2030
  • Proposed Dangerous Goods (HCDG) Regulations
  • Vic Roads – Generic Terms & Conditions Documentation
  • NOHSC – Revision of the National Exposure Standard for Crystalline Silica

The CMPA mediates and supports its Members to work through sensitive work related issues concerning best practices for the industry. The CMPA is totally available to assist Members with and through various issues concerning Work Authorities, OH&S and many other concerns that Members seek clarification on. The CMPA has also been successfully instrumental in helping Members resolve a number of bond issues.

To ensure better coverage and provide the best results possible for the Victorian extractive industry, we would like to welcome any new Members on board whilst encouraging all existing Members to support the Association through another year of hard work and dedication towards its Members. No one is too big or too small – 50% of our Members have a turnover of less than 30,000 tonnes per year, whilst several produce in excess of 1.3 million tonnes per year!

There is also a wide variety of CMPA information online at

This is your industry, your Association, without your support the CMPA does not exist!

Mine Rescue Competition

On Saturday November 12th at the Yallourn TRU energy mine site, teams will be competing for the very first time in the Victorian Mine Rescue Competition for surface operations.

This follows from the very successful underground competition that has been running for the past thirteen years.

Teams from all over Victoria will compete in an industrial rescue exercise, fire fighting, first aid and a skills exercise testing all of the captain’s skills, in communication and decision making.

Viewers are most welcome to come and support the teams and a special induction centre will be set up for all visitors to the site. This is an excellent opportunity to see our emergency response training put to the test.

Entry forms are available for teams by contacting the competition administrator Wendy Cook on (03) 5441 2831 or 0403 720 716

If there is sufficient interest, the CMPA may enter a extractive industry team into the competition—Just call Briony or Sarah to discuss it further.

Brain Teaser

Taken from

Albert is a keen dog admirer and over the years has had a number of dogs. He has had an Alsatian, a Dalmatian, a Poodle and a Great Dane, but not necessarily in that order.

Albert had Jamie first. The Dalmatian was an adored pet before the Great Dane. Sammy, the Alsatian, was the second dog Albert loved. Whitney was housed before the Poodle and Jimmy was not a Great Dane. Can you tell each of the dogs’ name and the order in which Albert had them?

For solution see bottom of screen

FREE Classifieds!

Jaques 2’ 4” Gyratory Cone Crusher
Contact: Cameron Goldsmith 0428 513 803

Jaques Bulldog non-clog crusher
Contact: David Germano 0428 525 726

Extended double horse float required with kitchenette.
Contact: 0418 325 303

Dunkeld Sandstone Quarry
Estimate stone reserve: 20million cubic metres
Two types of stone available: white to off white, white with reddy ironstone inclusions, other variations with depth.
Please contact CMPA for full details.

State of Play

A welcome change in the weather pattern occurred during June with 75mm of rain for the month, the highest monthly recording in 8 years. The rain has slowed down development works in the region although it may prove to be temporary. It has been a reminder of what winter can be like in a normal year. Based on a 116 year average, 773mm or 30 inches of rainfall has gone missing during the past 11 years. A relevant thought arising from that might be: what causes an average?

Whilst some businesses in the Southern Region are still quite busy, the majority have slowed down considerably which is quite typical of winter. The rains have slowed down construction somewhat, and we are hoping the potential rise in fuel prices doesn’t cause too many problems. We expect work to pick up for the spring.

The Eastern Region has been very quiet since the rains began which put a stop to a lot of activity. Work has slowed to about 40% of that previously. There are no new projects at the moment however ongoing projects are continuing and prospects are looking good for the future.

Farmers in the Northern Region are very happy after the fall of some much needed rain during June. This should kick off some spending on their behalf leading to an increase in work for our industry as the farmers begin to get back into business. Construction of main roads etc. is still quite slow in our region.

Business in the Melbourne region has slowed down due to the weather, however production and jobs has remained constant through this period. Some jobs have been put off due to the rain which has prevented operations in some areas.

Wanted: People under 40 who like crushing rocks!

Do you like to crush rock, sort sand, or move dirt? Do you like to play in sand pits with big toys? Are you under 40? Would you like to meet up with others like yourself for a chat and a drink (or two) and maybe a look at a quarry?

If so, we need you!

By now, everyone who is old (ok – over 40) is well aware of the CMPA and hopefully enjoys going to the meetings, workshops and of course the annual dinner as much for the educational benefits as for the opportunity to socialise.

What we need now is a forum for those ‘young-uns’ in the industry to meet, get to know one another, and naturally socialise. At this stage, nothing has been confirmed – just that there will be a meeting before the Annual Dinner down at Traralgon to work out what you would like to see, i.e:

  • How often would you like to meet up?
  • What would you like to do when you meet up?
  • Who should be invited to become a member?
  • What would you be known as?

At the present, we would like to see anyone at all attend – potential quarry managers, plant operators, equipment sales and engineering staff, even the office staff. We don’t even mind if you’re employer is not a member of the CMPA at this stage – the more the merrier! At the Annual Dinner, there will even be some special tables set aside for the ‘young-uns’.

On a serious note, although this is endorsed by the Management Committee, they are not invited and have promised to let this group run pretty much on its own.

If you are interested, email the Secretariat of the CMPA ( or give Sarah a call on 03 9745 2601 BH or 0408 596 184 AH to indicate your interest.

Brain Teaser Solution

Albert had:

  • Jamie the Dalmatian first
  • Sammy the Alsatian second
  • Whitney the Great Dane third
  • and Jimmy the Poodle fourth

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