New Administration Support Officer

By on February 7, 2018

ALISSA van GEET, a brief history and introduction to CMPA’s new Administration Support Officer.

I had a strong work ethic instilled in me at a young age, so worked to earn extra money from when I was 12 years old. After leaving school at 17 I worked in hospitality for a number of years before deciding to go back and further my studies. Due to my love of animals I decided to do a Horse Strappers course, I completed the course but realised that it wasn’t an industry I would be happy working in.

I went back to work in hospitality and then decided to jump on the IT bandwagon and further my studies in computers. Whilst doing my studies I did temp work in data entry and administration. After completing my course I got a job in the IT industry.

I was lucky enough to get a job at Hewlett Packard, initially this was a temp role doing administration within their internal help desk. Before long I was given a role as a help desk operator and within two years I was the team leader. I stayed in the role for a couple of years before deciding to start a family.

I went back to work after having my first child and supervised a second level help desk. Due to changes within the organisation and challenges with distance I ended up finding a job closer to home supervising a call centre team at the NAB. I did this for a short time before childcare became an issue. At this point my then husbands company was doing well so we ended up deciding to add to our family and I became a stay at home mum, I have to say I missed work and adult conversation.

I now have three boys. When my youngest started school I went back to work. I initially went back in a temp role working in a call centre role, I then got a permanent part time job doing administration. I was there for a couple of years until I moved up to Tallarook where my ex and I had been doing up the owner builder house.

I have lived in inner Melbourne for the last 30 years so I find the challenges of country living refreshing and interesting. I have experienced the joys of running out of water and discovering the pump is broken, having wildlife eat anything I try to grow, the dog taking on kangaroos, cutting my own wood (I now own 3 chainsaws) and clearing trees that have fallen across the drive. Even with all that I can’t say I miss the city. I look forward to the next challenges that come my way.

Along with the change in location I then also had a change in circumstance and split with my husband. I am still in the area and have 5 acres and a house in need of renovations which is the reason I find myself at CMPA. It gives me the chance to learn a new industry and some spare time to work on my property.

I am already discovering many of my previous ideas of the industry were incorrect and am enjoying learning more every day. I look forward to talking to you and hopefully meeting some of you in the future.


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