ORGANISATIONAL CHANGES – In Minerals and Petroleum Division

By on July 15, 2004

A structural change in the Minerals  and  Petroleum Division is to be effective from 16 February. The changes are simple and will involve no job losses. The objective of these changes is to  capture  and  integrate our business processes around key functions, and  to  build  our  capability  in  policy,  business  development  and technology. The key changes are as follows: –

The geo-science and information functions of the Geological Survey of Victoria and Petroleum Development Branch will merge. The role of this newly formed Branch is to attract explorers and exploration dollars to Victoria. It will continue to provide regional, state-of-the-art relevant, high quality geoscience information essential for project generation and servicing the exploration sectors.

This new structure will allow for and encourage:

  • The sharing of geo-science knowledge and capability;
  • The capture of synergies in processes associated with marketing and customer service, as well as other business processes;
  • The maintenance of a focus on the discrete needs of minerals and petroleum customers;
  • The capture of synergies associated with the collection, manipulation, analysis and interpretation of considerable quantities of geoscience data;
  • The pursuit and use of next generation science and technology to assist us in our mission.

The new branch will be called GeoScience Victoria and I have asked Kathy Hill to be the Director. The brand name, “Geological Survey of Victoria” will be retained.

The facilitation functions will join and become part of a new branch called Business Development and Technology (BDT). This branch will not only continue to facilitate investor’s development projects, but will be responsible for our emerging technology strategy, including facilitating technology development and transfer in the resources sector. The role of BDT is to reduce obstacles for investors and to encourage new technology and its application to Victoria’s earth resources development.

This new structure will allow: –

  • The integration and optimisation of processes for facilitation, approvals, EES process and cross Government facilitation;
  • Stronger technology capabilities to manage Victoria’s interest in earth resources related technology, and use this for business development and better outcomes in the resource sector. John Lambert will head the Technology Development function.
  • Manage and coordinate Minerals and Petroleum R&D interests and interface with industry, other government departments and research providers;
  • A strategic approach to each of Victoria’s earth resource commodities.

A  Director of the Business Development and Technology Branch will be appointed following advertisement of this role. In the interim Roger Buckley will be acting Director.

The Policy branch will now be called Policy and Legislation. The position of Manager for this branch will also be advertised. Elda Poletti will be acting in this role. In addition Gary Jungwirth will be moving to the Minister’s office as the Department Liaison officer, and both his position and a new position will be filled on a temporary basis until more permanent positions can be established.

Finally, I would also like to advise that Phil Roberts, who has earlier been appointed as Director Minerals and Petroleum Regulation pending a review of the branch, will be fully taking up his leadership role on the 23rd February.

These changes will require the new branches to work together to capture business   process   synergies,   whilst maintaining a focus on key customer/client groups.  As before there will continue to be open and free working relationships between the branches…I believe this structure will allow the Division to get better outcomes for Victoria and help create a great future for the resources sector operating in the State. Richard Aldous

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