By on July 2, 2001

CMPA Induction Hand Book [IH]

After editing by Andrew Shaw and numerous adjustments carried out by Glenn Jordan, the IH is almost finalised for printing. It is with much relief therefore that we can inform all that the IH should be complete for sale by December.

The Management Committee have agreed to sell the Induction Handbook to members at $25.00, and to non-members at $40.00 inclusive of GST.

All Members and Associate Members are asked to supply the CMPA Secretary with copies of their daily worksheets. These would be used as support literature in confirming competency with respect to the Induction Handbook Training Package.

Those worksheets include:

1/           Maintenance Form;
2/           Daily Summary Books for Mobile Plant;
3/           Visitors Register and other Registers; and
4/           General Complaints documents.

The CMPA aims to ensure that every person working on a member’s site holds an Induction Card within two (2) years of training commencing.

To ensure that all CMPA Members have equal access to the training, we are currently applying for WELL (Workplace English Language and Literacy) Funding with the support of the Box Hill Institute of TAFE. DETYA provides this fund as a method of developing language and literacy skills within a workforce. We are pleased to inform members that the $85 552 sought in our application is looking towards a positive result.

CMPA – Polished Stone Value [PSV] Issue

Progress Report from sub committee Chairperson Bruce McClure

The key points are that the CMPA legal associate has advised there is a case to be answered. The presented reasons why Vic Roads altered the PSV from 48 to 52 and then back to 48 are disappointing. Our member is yet to receive a satisfactory resolution for the damage this action caused his business.

Upcoming issues for action

The Management Committee has requested the following documents be developed for CMPA Members under this committee’s management:

  1. MSDSs to cover both materials they use as well as those produced.
  2. An emergency response document.
  3. Generic hazard risk assessment documents.

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