The key to successful leadership

By on May 5, 2019

Strategically Yours® assists people (business owners, executives, managers, supervisors) to move from working IN the business, to working ON the business, through coaching in the following core competencies:

Planning; Organising; Leading and Controlling

These can be supported by facilitated group workshops or
one-on-one sessions in:

  • Goal Planning
  • Time Management
  • Delegation
  • Dealing with Procrastination
  • Effective Communication
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation
  • The Art of Leadership
With improved understanding and more effective use of these
management tools you can:

Create greater returns

  • Knowing where the business needs to be
  • Budgeting and financial monitoring
  • Setting measures of performance
  • Improving cost estimating and sales process
  • Offering value through understanding and meeting clients’ needs.

Gain control and free up time

  • Setting daily defined targets
  • Planning, communicating, delegating and monitoring/controlling
  • Identifying the imperative/important and non-urgent activities
  • Prioritising
  • Clarifying the root cause of crisis and emergency issues
  • Holding others accountable for their actions and responsibilities

Reduce risk

  • Meeting the regulatory requirements and creating a framework to control the processes
  • Managing resources and scheduling the maintenance of plant and equipment
  • Ensuring skill levels, attitude and behavioural competencies of staff
  • Establishing strong
  • relationships, trust and goodwill with clients

Create less stress

  • Time management
  • Planning
  • Delegation
  • Monitoring
  • Leadership

Gain satisfaction from the business working well

  • Creating a ‘well oiled’ team which takes responsibility and delivers
  • Reaping improved margins and growing the business
  • Sharing and celebrating success with clients, staff and family
  • Taking time to ‘smell the roses’

The key to successful leadership development relies on gaining:

  • Managerial Intelligence
  • Conversational Intelligence™
  • Emotional Intelligence

Why would you use Strategically Yours to gain competency in these “Intelligences”?

Mike Cameron (trading as Strategically Yours) will support and guide you through the development program you’ve selected using extensive experience in coaching and training, an intimate knowledge of quarrying, drill & blast, explosives, risk management, corporate governance and the concrete, asphalt and road construction industries.

• A registered quarry manager and ex-member of the Victorian Quarry Managers Board
• Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying
• A highway engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Asphalt
• A successful business manager and leader in the transport, highway construction, asphalt, ready-mix concrete, explosives and quarrying industries
• Regular face-to-face contact/coaching/mentoring people within the extractive industry
• A qualified facilitator of accredited extractive industry courses
• A professionally certificated and well-established business coach with an impressive client base
• Extensive experience in teaching leadership skills from supervisor to executive level.

The leadership development programs are designed to enable business owners, executives, managers and supervisors to achieve sustainable success in their business and personal life.

Call to action, contact Mike Cameron on 0417 782 781 or

Initial meeting to establish the following key points
Where are you now?
Where do you want to be?
How do you propose getting there?
Discussion based on the responses to the above questions (especially 1c)
Agree on a coaching or training plan
Agree on a delivery process and proposed time schedule
Agree on fee for service

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