Traffic Management Workshop

By on July 30, 2015

Member’s workshop and tour of William Adams, Clayton.

GAVIN MOREIRA, Member Services Manager, CMPA reports on the successful workshop held at William Adams, Clayton.

A Traffic Management Workshop was held on 7th May 2015 in Clayton at the site of our sponsors William Adams. The goals were to provide members with an understanding of what could be best practice Traffic Management in the Construction Materials Industry as well as an understanding of how to apply the CMPA Traffic Management Guideline in their workplaces.

The day commenced with a presentation from Jason Rudge (Major Accounts Manager – Quarry & Aggregates) of William Adams, and a tour of the new Customer Solutions Centre. This incorporated a look at and an understanding of how the centre can track and monitor all machines sold, when break downs occur or when services are due. This was followed by a walk through the laboratory where an array of tests are carried out on improving fuel efficiency and usage of different oils from customer’s machines.

SITE PHOTO: Visit to William Adams laboratory led by Jason Rudge

SITE PHOTO: Visit to William Adams laboratory led by Jason Rudge

The workshop was attended by over 25 Members (Voting and Associate) and a representative from WorkSafe Victoria. The session was facilitated by David McKelvie of DMcK Management Pty Ltd who was also the author of the Traffic Management Guideline along with Charles and Ron Kerr from Conundrum Holdings and Erik Birzulis from Landair Surveys.

A workers lunch brought opportunities to network with fellow members and to discuss the contents of the new CMPA guideline.

Raised my awareness of safety signs/measures around the entire site.

Very comprehensive overview of Traffic Management Systems. 

Came away with new ideas on how to improve traffic management on our site.

Good group – that had knowledge from big to small quarries.

This workshop has given me plenty of information to improve my present TMPS.

Thanks to our sponsor William Adams and to David McKelvie from DMcK Management Pty Ltd for facilitating the workshop.

Traffic Management Guideline
The Traffic Management Guideline aims to support members in meeting the requirements of the Victorian OHS Act 2004. In doing so the document demonstrates a process which can be used to establish and successfully implement a Traffic Management Plan specific to your site requirements.

The purpose of the Traffic Management Plan is to:

  • Ensure the delineation of mobile equipment, on road trucks, light vehicles and pedestrians so far as is reasonably practicable so any interaction between these parties is controlled and does not result in an incident causing personal injury, property or environmental damage;
  • Create a safe, effective and smooth traffic flow into and throughout the site in the most efficient and economical manner possible; and
  • Provide information to employees, contractors and visitors.

The guideline also provides an example of a Traffic Management Plan using an Aerial Photograph (an edited extract from Safe Work Australia’s Draft Code of Practice titled Roads and other vehicle operating areas), a Traffic Management Plan Template for your company and an extensive series of onsite photos which cover a range areas from road design to signage.

The publication has been sent to all CMPA Members. Additional copies are available from the Secretariat ($10 Members or $20 non-members). CMPA would like to thank those who contributed to the Guideline and would appreciate feedback on this document which will be considered when the next edition is issued.



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