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By on May 14, 2013

JOHN MAYNE, Managing Director of Transdiesel Australia, looks back at the history of Transdiesel Australia.

IN conjunction with my extensive experience and background in the mining and construction industries, Transdiesel Australia Ltd was established in April 1974 and commenced operations in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne.

From the very beginning, Transdiesel Australia set out to provide and deliver the highest level of customer service to the Mining and Construction industries.

Transdiesel’s beginnings can be traced back to when it commenced operations as a Dealer for Detroit Diesel Allison back in 1974 then shortly afterwards to its acquisition of a Cummins dealership. I can remember as if it were yesterday the first ten-fifteen years of Transdiesel’s business.

Our market back then consisted of maintaining Mining and Construction equipment as well as overhauling Allison Transmissions and Detroit and Cummins engines. As the years passed, and in the late 1980’s, Transdiesel Australia shifted towards the needs of the Transport industry and for a period of over five years, transport vehicles formed a large part of our business.

In 1995, we relocated from our Campbellfield site to brand new larger premises in Somerton specifically built for engine and transmission rebuilding requirements.

After careful consideration, in 1996 Transdiesel decided to relinquish its Detroit and Cummins Dealerships and commit the business exclusively to supporting the Allison Transmission product. Following this decision and as a natural progression, Transdiesel was appointed as a Direct Dealer for Allison Transmission Inc. in Transdiesel’s appointment as a Direct Dealer led to the business expanding and growth in its support of the Mining and
Construction industries.

Here at Transdiesel, we are dedicated towards providing our customers with the very best products and services. I am happy to say that we have been awarded preferred supplier status by Mining OEM’s. We are dedicated to the Allison Transmission product and I am proud to say that we are the only authorised Allison Transmission hybrid electric drive dealer located in Australasia.

At Transdiesel, we take pride in our services to the Australian industry and enjoy working closely with our customers to achieve lower operating costs through preventative maintenance and through-life support of the transmission. We are able to offer excellence as we operate under the DQS International Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2008 to guarantee the delivery of superior customer satisfaction and service levels. Our Quality certification has helped ensure the reliable field performance of transmissions repaired or overhauled by Transdiesel. This is the best testimony of our effort and determination.

We believe that further learning and the ongoing development of employees is the key to success in any business. This has been achieved here at Transdiesel by having the majority of our staff attend extensive training courses at the Allison Transmission factory in Indianapolis, USA as well as compulsory Allison on-line training courses.

We live in ever changing times and to ensure that Transdiesel is equipped with the latest in Allison Transmission information, we subscribe to the latest up-to-date technical, service and parts information available

Overhaul of transmission and engine

At Transdiesel, learning and development is constant and an important part of our business culture. We offer our employees every opportunity available for further education. From having access to the latest Allison Transmission diagnostic equipment and tooling, as well as ongoing product training via Allison’s E-Learn program, our Technicians are always a step ahead.

I am proud to say that some of Transdiesel’s staff have been with us for over 20 years. At Transdiesel Australia, we highly value our staff and their contribution towards the success of our business.

We are always happy to provide our customers with a guarantee covering the quality and reliability of our re manufactured transmissions, overhauled transmissions and transmission repairs. At Transdiesel, the customer always comes first and we always strive towards 100% customer satisfaction knowing that customers are the key factor to any business.

Many of our customers operate outside of normal business hours and to support them, we are only a phone call away and make ourselves available 24/7. This provides customers with a sense of security knowing that if their equipment breaks down technical support is only a phone call away.

Today, Transdiesel Australia is a leading supplier of Allison Transmissions and through-life support services to the mining sector. We pride ourselves on providing quality services including supplying new Allison Transmissions, application engineering, genuine Allison Transmission spare parts and overhaul of Allison Transmissions.

Transdiesel Australia has been an Allison Transmission expert since 1974. For almost 40 years, it has been a leading authorised Allison Transmission dealer/direct dealer in Australia, supporting customers both locally and internationally.

Transdiesel Australia has been a valued Associate Member and supporter of the CMPA and the extractive industry since May 2005.

Transdiesel has enjoyed working with its customers and looks forward to the next fourty years of business and supporting the extractive industry and its customers.

For further information contact John Mayne, Managing Director on 03 9305 0800


What is your name?
John Mayne
Who do you work for?
Transdiesel Australia Pty Ltd
How many years have you worked for this business?
40 years
How many years have you been involved in the Industry?
50 years
What is your role at the company?
Managing Director
What does your job involve?
Day to day running, steering the company direction and making sure customer satisfaction is exceeded.
What is the best part of your job?
Working with outstanding products (Allison Transmissions), sharing my years of industry experience and ultimately helping our customers achieve their goals.

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