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Meetings with VicRoads

Dr Elizabeth Gibson attended the VicRoads/CCAA Strategic Liaison Committee in May 2015. It gives an opportunity for information exchange at a strategic level between the construction materials industry and VicRoads. Of particular note was the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)

An update was provided on recent NHVR issues whereby VicRoads has been processing permits on behalf of NHVR.

  • Improved processes have decreased the time taken to gain permit approvals to an average of 5.6 days/approval. This has been the average time over the last few months.
  • VicRoads is continuing to liaise with municipalities that are taking longer than average to grant approvals.
  • VicRoads is working with the NHVR in gazetting pre-approved routes for PBS truck and dog trailer rigs, restricted to 3, 4 and 5 axle dog trailers. This is expected to be announced in July/August and will provide as of right access on these selected routes.
  • VicRoads is working towards additional access for special purpose vehicles, including cranes.
  • PBS vehicle approval by the NHVR has improved significantly in recent times, from a previous 6 week period to 3 weeks, but this does not still compare with the 1 day turn around by VicRoads prior to the NHVR.
  • The NHVR is piloting an online application and secure payment process.

There are a number of initiatives being undertaken:

Communicate Fit for Purpose Use of Materials to Local Government
The Committee recognises this project will potentially support better resource utilisation and decrease costs for local councils in an environment of reduced engineering capability within local councils. Revised VicRoads specifi cations and improved guidance material should help to address these issues. Contractor proposed designs may require Councils to value the risk as part of the procurement process.

Non-payment of Third Party Suppliers
There have been instances where the head contractor has  signed the statutory declaration to the effect they have paid all third party suppliers invoices. However, on the company having gone bankrupt it has come to light, whilst they had paid all third party supplier invoices, they had not received all invoices for materials supplied. Elizabeth Gibson is to contact the relevant person in VicRoads. Note that if suppliers are experiencing issues of non-payment from head contractors, the suppliers should contact the VicRoads Project Superintendent. Security of payment legislation is also available as a safety net.

VicRoads/CMPA Technical Committee meeting
The VicRoads/CMPA Technical Committee meeting was also  held in May 2015 and was attended by Graeme Newman and Sven Scheppokat (Vic Roads); Mark Wagner (Conundrum Holdings); Bill Payne (QuarryCrete); Craig James and Wayne Douglas (E. B. Mawson & Sons); and Elizabeth Gibson.

The meeting commenced with 7mm sealing aggregate whereby 7mm sealing aggregate leads to better quality results for roads and so was a good choice for VicRoads irrespective of the supply issue. However, there is a lot of waste in the production of 7mm sealing aggregate which is a potential environmental issue and may impact on suppliers’ willingness for continued production unless there is a viable alternate use found for the waste product.

A number of Standard Sections and a Code of Practice were discussed:

Draft Standard Section 702
(Subsurface Drainage)
Introduces the use of EAF Slag aggregate and glass fines (recycled glass cullet)

Code of Practice RC500.02
(Registration of Crushed Rock Mixes)
Establishes a level playing fi eld for recycled materials by requiring permeability testing. If the permeability criteria are not met then a caveat would be put in place i.e. specifying a lower traffic volume for a Registered Crushed Rock mix.

Standard Section 812
(Production of Crushed Rock for Pavement Base and Subbase)

Standard Section 815
(Cementitious Treated Crushed Rock for Pavement Subbase)

Also discussed was NATA accreditation (see article on page 17 in this issue of Sand & Stone). If CMPA Members have any issues they would like to put to VicRoads through the Committees please contact the Secretariat. 

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