Voting Member Survey Results 2016/17

By on December 7, 2017

Voting Member Survey Results 2016/17

DR ELIZABETH GIBSON, General Manager of the CMPA provides a summary on the Voting Members Survey results for 2016/2017.

The main drivers behind continuing with the survey (which is in its sixth year) were to gain an understanding of the future direction of the industry, to establish Member priorities and to direct the Association’s resources accordingly. The response rate from Voting Members was 28%.

Future Work Authority intentions

The table right details Members’ intentions with respect to Work Authorities (WA). As can be seen the majority of activity occurs with variations to WAs. There appears to be an increase in new
WAs being applied for on 2016/17 figures.


According to the Supply and Demand Study completed recently by DEDJTR (reported in Sand & Stone 88), a new quarry equivalent to 1 million tonnes per annum is required every year to meet demand for construction materials into the future.Page-20-2




Capital expenditure

It is anticipated for extrapolating for all CMPA Voting Members that over $250 million will be spent in total on capital purchases in 2017/18. This is double the figure for 2016/17.

Financial Issues

The chart below illustrates the financial issues impacting on quarry businesses in 2016/17. It can be seen that the two top issues for 2016/17 are regulatory compliance and the regulatory approval process. Market competition is also important with fuel and power costs following closely behind. Reduction in sales importance has decreased by 60% on 2015/16. This is consistent with an increasingly buoyant construction material market.



The respondents to the 2016/2017 survey completed 23 ha rehabilitation, 3.4 km of face stabilisation and the planting of 5000 trees.

Suggested Capital Works

An additional question was included this year with Voting Members being given the opportunity to nominate future capital works. The list is as follows:

  • Port of Hastings Development
  • Western Port Highway upgrade
  • Shoulders on highways and upgrades of sub-standard roads
  • Upgrade bridges on South Gippsland Highway
  • Melba Highway duplication Lilydale to Yea. Yarra Glen truck bypass last stage. Melba Hwy improvements on multiple sections.
  • Goulburn Valley Hwy duplication stage 2 Molesworth to Cathkin.
  • Maroondah Hwy duplication Healesville to Lilydale.
  • Lilydale Bypass.
  • Water mains pipe replacement Dixon’s Creek to Yarr Glen.
  • Lilydale to Yarra Glen tourist railway reinstatement.
  • Local roads reconstruction and maintenance. Wind Farms
  • Railway upgrade Ballarat to Melbourne.
  • New Sale Yards in Ballarat.
  • Upgrade of Ballarat shopping centre.
  • Drainage and surface works to VicRoads controlled road assets

The information gathered from this Survey will help the Secretariat to:

> Effectively represent Members at all levels of Government;

> Provide Government with a better understanding of the economic importance of our industry;

> Provide relevant services to Members in education, training, business operations and management;

> Identify future capital spending to assist Associate Members in planning.

This completes the Voting Member Survey for 2016/17. Thank you to all that participated.

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