Voting Members Survey Results 2014/15

By on January 18, 2016

The main drivers behind continuing with the survey (which is in its fourth year) were to gain an understanding of the future direction of the industry, to establish Member priorities and to direct the Association’s resources accordingly. The response rate from Voting Members was 33% (up 10% on 2014).

Business Activity
The change in the level of business activity anticipated for 2015/16 reflects a more negative view of the extractive industry health compared to last year. This may be due to a number of factors such as a change in Government and a lack of pipeline of infrastructure projects. As shown in the chart below there has been a decrease in anticipated business activity by 38 points for 2015/16 over 2014/15. Note that the CMPA was unable to compare this chart to annual production rates due to the data not having been released by DEDJTR for 2013/14 and 2014/15.

Chart 1 - Anticipated business activity

The chart below shows the change in activity in operational hours which shows that there is a decrease of 7 points from 2014/15 to 2015/16 and is consistent with the anticipated business activity chart.

Chart 2 - Anticipated activity in operational hours

It is anticipated for, extrapolating for all Voting Members, that $63 million will be spent in total on capital purchases in 2015/16.  This is a similar figure to 2013/14.

The following chart depicts the most significant financial impacts of the extractive industry for 2014/15. Market competition and reduction in sales had high importance together with fuel and power costs. Regulatory compliance and the regulatory approval process were also important for impacting on business in 2014/15.

Chart 3 - Financial issues impacting on business 2014/15


The respondents to the survey completed 123 ha rehabilitation, 2.62 km of face stabilisation and the planting of 5600 trees with one respondent undertaking aerial seeding.

Suggested Capital Works
An additional question was included this year with Voting Members being given the opportunity to nominate future capital works. The list is as follows:

  • Join East Link to the Ring Road.
  • Melba Hwy upgrade – Dual lanes etc.
  • Restoration of Lilydale to Yarra Glen rail.
  • Maroondah Hwy at Black Spur reconstruction to safely carry trucks, busses, tourists etc
  • Reconstruction/upgrade to major arterial roads between Healsville to Noori Yallock, Cockatoo, Emerald etc.
  • Dual land on Mt Slide section of Melba Hwy
  • Road widening Yarra Glen – Eltham Rd at Kangaroo ground.
  • Duplication or second interchange into Wallan.
  • O’Hearns Road ramp/run off.
  • Kilmore Bypass
  • Upgrade of Geelong – Skipton State Highway
  • Further upgrade of Glenelg and Hamilton Highways
  • Rail standardisation and upgrade, Geelong to Mildura
  • Ballarat West – Link construction
  • Western Hwy duplication, Baungor to Ararat
  • Local roads reconstruction, Shires of Pyrenees, Corangamite and Golden Plains.
  • Continued upgrade of Princes Highway and Improved maintenance of secondary and Council roads.
  • Continue expansion of East Sale RAAF Base
  • Continue expansion of Gas Plant Longford
  • Completion of Prince Highway East of Traralgon
  • New housing subdivisions
  • Government, commercial building e.g. Sale specialist school.
  • More roadworks are required in East Gippsland. Traralgon to Sale upgrade is going ahead but East of state is suffering.


The information gathered from this Survey will help the Secretariat to:

  1. Effectively represent Members at all levels of Government;
  2. Provide Government with a better understanding of the economic importance of our industry;
  3. Provide relevant services to Members in education, training, business operations and management;
  4. Identify future capital spending to assist Associate Members in planning.

This completes the Voting Member Survey for 2014/15.  Thank you to all that participated.


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