Who Is In Charge?

By on January 10, 2008

Memorandum of Understanding between DPI and WorkSafe

A MEMORANDUM of understanding has been developed which sets out a common understanding between WorkCover and the DPI. The MOU is not intended to create legally enforceable obligations; rather it provides guidance for the two agencies, and those regulated by the agencies, on where jurisdictions lie.

It is important for Members to realise that many activities previously conducted by the DPI will now be conducted by WorkSafe. The following table outlines the agency in charge in a number of the major areas.

Investigations into occupational health and safety matters will be conducted by WorkSafe. WorkSafe will now become a referral agency for the conduct of the assessment of the OHS component of work and operations plans. OHS and Dangerous Goods incidents must be reported to WorkSafe on 132 360. WorkSafe is to be notified of any OHS and Dangerous Goods complaints through the Advisory Service on 1800 136 089.

Any notices issues by DPI staff under WorkSafe legislation that have not been finalised will be closed out by WorkSafe. Applications for explosives licences and high consequence dangerous goods licences and permits received by DPI after 1/11/07 but not completed will be completed by WorkSafe.

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